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Positive Life

Day 10 of blogging.

I am going with a podcast today.

I have been doing podcast for a few years now. I have done more of a radio program style in my past. This podcast has been more of a daily life podcast. I will have guest on whenever I can convince someone to join me lol.

I felt like this was a good one to go with today. I woke up early and wondered what I would find on Facebook when I woke up. What event has been canceled. Will they have us confined to our homes by Monday?

If your reading this years down the road, google Toilet paper shortage 2020 lol.

Seriously though… right now is the time to focus on Jesus. Find positive things to focus on during this time of crisis. I am preaching to myself as well.

The thought of being confined, controlled in anyway shape or form is a fear I have always struggled with. FEAR IS A LIAR.

I believe now is the time we step up as THE CHURCH.

I hope this podcast helps you in someway. I am working on focusing on the positive and speaking to the fear!

I’ll be recording more podcast. Please subscribe to keep updated.


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

Just Breathe; It’s Not Your Past! It’s Your Future!!!

Have you ever been trucking along and everything was going wonderful and all of a sudden you found yourself feeling dread and wondering if it was going too wonderful?  Change is never easy and when you have been accustomed to let downs, or maybe even letting others down, that past can try to creep into your future.  My life has taken many changes over the years and this is one of my biggest years yet to come.  My daughter is getting married and my son is graduating from highschool.  I have been blessed beyond words this last year and especially in the last few months.  All of a sudden I found myself feeling overwhelmed with emotions and second guessing myself and if I was worthy to be having such an amazing life.  I talked to Mommajo and like always she gave me wonderful advice. “Just Breathe Baby.  This isn’t your past this is your future”. 


Psalms 15:15 All the days of the desponding and afflicted are made evil [by anxious thoughts and forebodings], but he who has a glad heart has a continual feast [regardless of circumstances].

I don’t know about you but I think I like the second half of this verse way better than the first half.  If we have a glad heart we will have a continual feast in the great things of God.  If your past is haunting your today it will ruin your tomorrow.  The only hold the past has on you is the past you hold onto.


Philippians 3:13 Brothers and sisters, I myself don’t think I’ve reached it, but I do this one thing: I forget about the things behind me and reach out for the things ahead of me.

The years past when things did not go the way that I wanted them to for my kids or myself are over.  The days that I am grateful for to live right now are here.  The days to come that I can stand on His word and know that He has great plans to prosper us and not to harm us; those are all ahead of me.  Do I deserve great things?  Not in myself NO…But because of what God gave for me and the fact Jesus Christ gave Himself for me says I get the Grace of God to have them anyway.


Don’t let your thoughts go backwards!  Keep your eyes on HIM!!!  JUST BREATHE!! THIS IS NOT YOUR PAST!! IT’S YOUR FUTURE!!!!!!


Please take a moment and listen to this song by Carol Hogner.  With Him


Above and Beyond,

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman