Won’t Let Go

Sometimes we go through times that we feel like the rug has been pulled right from under us. We feel like we are stumbling and trying to get our security again.

When you trip or stumble the first thing you do is start grabbing for something secure to catch yourself.  The question is are you grabbing ahold of something that is stable or that would cause even more injury with your fall?


I was thinking this morning about people who are climbing rocks or window cleaning and how they have a harness on that is secured to not let go. If someone was to fall and they grabbed ahold of something not strong enough to hold them, their secured by something designed to not let go.

Today I am here to tell you that there is ONE who Won’t Let Go!  His name is God. Instead of reaching for relationships, addictive behaviors that temporarily fix us or emotions that cripple us, we must grab ahold of God.

I have found myself in this place and I am refusing to grab ahold of old behaviors or unstable situations and people to secure myself. I am determined to grab ahold of the ONE who is Holding Me!!


Today imagine yourself in Gods arms. Throw down everything that keeps you from embracing Him in return.

Check out this amazing song and video by Carol. “Won’t Let Go”


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie G


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