Shaking going on

Right now there are so many thoughts, emotions, questions and concerns in our lives.

I believe we are being shaken as the body of Christ, Families, Nation and even the world.

In order to wake us up and pull us into His safety, the shaking has began.

We must unite together as His children and run into His arms together. We need each other.

As He begins shaking His children into awareness and action, the shake will ripple into the darkness. There will be exposure in His light!

Walls of injustice are going to crumble. His light that’s shaking the atmosphere will bring more of His children into His arms while exposing the enemy behind his veil.

We must stay hidden in Him. He will expose His bride as a restored, United, Body that no one can deny His glory.

This battle will not be won in words of “righteous anger” marches, protest or debates. This battle will be won in His might and His power. No one will
be able to say look what we did. All eyes will be upon His Bride and will know the glory of God swept through this Nation and spread across the world.


Dream Catcher Eph 3:20

#mendingfencesnhearts #aboveandbeyond