His Dreams Are Bigger Than Mine!

I just finished a blog on my Mending Fences N Hearts site about some of my dreams. Please click on it to see how God has far surpassed my dreams. 

God has placed me right in the middle of His dreams for my life!  I could never have dreamed this big. And what is really great is this is just the beginning. 

I just started as a dj for Inspirational Country Radio 94.1. I have my very own program M-F night.  

I have people asking for my help with their social media and that is ALL GOD!  He has taught me so much in this area. 
I am still part of the God Squad with Carol and Hannah Hogner and Michele Nolte. We are doing weekly bible studies and growing closer. That’s is such a God kiss. 
The biggest one yet is I am marrying my God Man!  Wyatt Nations and I will be getting married in April. He sings Christian Country music and our ministries are becoming a ministry!!  How much better can it get!

I have a new program on my computer because of the new dj position. This means I can launch my KIJS with Cassie as a syndicated program. I will be working on all that!  

I have written a book that will be published. However I do need prayer on that one. I have to type it all out again because the program it was under messed it up. ?. 


So as you can see all this is far more than I ever dreamed. ❤️
Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie G

6 thoughts on “His Dreams Are Bigger Than Mine!”

  1. Cassie you ate one special young lady and you will go far as long as God is first. We all know he is this look what he has done for you and also for bring you in to my life. What a awesome God we have. Love you my friend

  2. WOW WOW WOW!! I celebrate all of these amazing achievements and announcements with you! You are filled UP with many good things from the Lord, and I am so grateful to read that. May God continue to bless all of these incredible pursuits, Cassie.

  3. It is amazing what happens when we submit to what He wants for our life rather than what we think is best for us. He created us, so why wouldn’t He k ow what’s best for us? I’m so happy for you and I hope your radio show goes well and brings much inspiration to those who need it <3

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