In today’s world and all that’s going on we have to take time to disconnect so that we can connect. We need to disconnect with media, news and any and all negativity around us.

I feel the most relaxed and peaceful when I turn all the noise off and connect with nature. I will sit outside by A fire pit and connect with God. Sometimes I will get up early in the morning and light an old fashion lantern so that I can connect with peace before I start my day.

I pray that each of you reading this will take a moment each day to connect. Connect with God, connect with your true self and connect with your loved ones around you.

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2 thoughts on “Connect”

  1. Always love watching you in these moments . . . your pit fires, your Bible, our latern . . . knowing in those moments you are far away (and yet so close) communing (connecting) with God. Thank you for aways setting that example for us all. Love you

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