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Interview with Steve Roberson

Interview Steve Roberson
Steve Roberson

While doing some PR for Carol Hogner I started listening to and following HLE Radio. I heard a song called Jesus Was A Rebel. I fell in love with that song. Sometimes we can get so caught up in stuffy old religion and forget that Jesus didn’t go with the flow.  Jesus hung out with the Rebels and outcast. He took His Light to them.


I friend requested Steve Roberson in October 2013. I realized then he has such a sweet heart and wants people to see the fun loving side of Jesus. Throug out this last year I have watched his Social Media post and peoples interaction with him. This Novemebr I traveled with Carol Hogner to the ICM Awards in Nashville and was blessed to meet Steve in person. Steve is just as personable and fun in person as he is on Social Media. I asked him if he would participate in my interview for my blogs. I’m so glad he said yes.

I hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about Mr. Steve Roberson. Be sure to check out the links I’ve inserted into this blog to listen to his music and follow him on social media.

Bio:  Diversity is the word that comes to mind when the name Steve Roberson comes up. Steve grew up in Montgomery, Alabama with the sounds of Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Rolling Stones, Hank Williams and Tom T Hall flowing through the speakers of his momma’s orange suitcase record player! He had a love for great music of all genres, and you can tell when you hear Steve’s music
Steve is on the road full time performing at venues such as fairs, festivals, rodeo’s, and churches all across the country, and is also a staff songwriter at Oden’s Row Publishing in Nashville, Tennessee. He has had numerous cuts in Southern Gospel, Christian Country and Mainstream Country Music.
2014 has proved to be a successful year for Steve, as he has been blessed with three number one songs on several Independent Country and Christian Country Charts, including the ever popular “Jesus Was A Rebel” and current chart topper “Letting Angels Down Easy”.



Q.How long have you been singing Country and Inspirational Country Music?

Steve:  I’ve been singing Country Music all of my life it seems! After I got saved and in church in 2005, I thought that the country side of music was over for me. I knew very little about Gospel Music, but I was asked to audition for the lead singer position in a Southern Gospel Quartet based out of Clanton, Alabama. I sang with “The Samaritans” for about four years. Then for almost another year with “Broken Vessels”. Then in the summer of 2006, we were booked to sing at an outdoor festival near Montgomery, Alabama. And that is where I was introduced to Christian Country Music! Tommy Brandt and Danny Ray Harris were the headliners for this event and I was in heaven! I’m sure that I asked those two guys a thousand questions that day! I ended up with both of their CD’s and Danny even gave me some of his tracks to sing with. In 2012, Danny would also introduce me to playing in Cowboy Churches around the country while we toured together for a year as “The Southern Boys”. I’m forever grateful to Danny, Tommy and everyone else who has had a hand helping me on my musical journey!


Q. What artist would you say has influenced your music the most?
Steve:  WOW! That’s a loaded question!! Where do I start? There are so many that I could truthfully say, but I’ll narrow it down to a few. I always loved the smooth, powerful voice of Travis Tritt. He’s still one of my heroes in music. The great Marty Raybon is another! I still get chills hearing him and Shenandoah sing “The Moon Over Georgia”!. The other is Scott Roberts of Broken Vessels. There are so many artists on stage nowadays that in my opinion, are trying to put on a show for the sake of entertaining someone. Scott doesn’t have to do that because he is real. He truly wants God to use him to make a difference in the life’s of others, and it shows through on stage. And I’m thankful for the difference that he has made in my life!


Q. What was your first song to hit the air waves? And which station started your adventure on air?
Steve:The first one would be with The Samaritans. We did a song called “Joy In The Morning” that got some local airplay at Gospel Station WKLF in Clanton, Alabama. The first one for me as a soloist was a song that I wrote with my brother Frankie called “Pretty, Pretty Angels”, also at WKLF.


Q. What would you say was the defining moment in your music ministry that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?
Steve:  Defining moment?…. I don’t think that I can recall one. I’ve just always known that this was it for me!


Q. What motivates you to keep going when your tired?
Steve:  There are people out there in the world that are hurting, and I believe that God can use me, and the music that He gives me to reach them, ease their pain and lead them to Him.


Q. Do you have any new projects in the making?
Steve:  Yep, a new CD packed with Crank Down Christian Country, and Positive Country is due out in late January with a new radio release to go along with it!


Q. What’s your current single on the air waves that we might hear?
Steve:   “Letting Angels Down Easy” written by Randy Finchum and Chuck Oden is still going strong at Independent Country Radio and almost a year after it’s radio release, “Jesus Was A Rebel” (Finchum-Gibson) is still one of the most requested song at a lot of stations! And let’s not forget about “God Gave His Gift To Me” (Finchum-Batts-Roberson) My Christmas single.


Q. Can you share one of your funniest memories of Singing on stage or while recording?

Steve:WOW again! I have a lot to choose from! It has to be the time when I was singing at an old country church somewhere in Georgia. The church was in serious need of major repair and stage floor was very unstable to say the least! And to make things worse, I was weighing in at around the 400 lb mark! The service was almost over when the floor busted open and I fell through it into the baptismal tank, a tank that the church had no idea was there! Here’s the funny part. The Pastor said that they had been praying that The Lord would provide them with a way to baptize their church folks! I guess that The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways!



Thank you Steve Robberson for this great interview!!!

To contact Steve for your next event….


Above and Beyond

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

Interview with Brian Mace

I got to know Mr. Brian Mace last year while doing PR for Carol Hogner.  At that time Brian was with Gospel Hour Radio.  It was a divine connection from the start.  We have worked together in ministry with his programing on GHR.  I was very blessed by his big heart for Southern Gospel Music and His love for God.

Thank you Brian for doing this interview with me.  I hope you all enjoy my interview with Brian Mace.



Name: Brian Mace Date of Birth: January 7th, 1962
Brian accepted Christ at the young age of 8. Brian was called into this ministry many years ago but wasted many years running from what he knew was his calling, to share the word & love of God through song and testimony. Brian has a heart for God and a desire to see many come to know Jesus as their personal savior. Brian has been singing for many years but just a few years ago he stopped running and gave it all over to God. Brian has had opportunity to share the stage with some of the who’s who in Gospel music such as Ron Blackwood & The Blackwood Quartet , The Lester’s, Gold City and Brian Free & Assurance, and legends Ron Pauly, Bill Shaw & Naomi & the Segos. Brian was a two time Male vocalist of the year nominee at the Music City Gospel Show Case in Pigeon Forge TN. which aired on Dish Network & Sky Angle’s, Angle 2 and was shown into over 40 million homes. This is where Brian was picked up and signed to The C & C Music Groups Revelation Records label.
Brian is also honored to be a Ministry Partner with Mo-Kan Gospel Music Asso., Country Gospel Ministries & Alpha Omega Christian Music Association. These things are nice and Brian does appreciate it. However, this is not really about Brian it is about the ministry that God has entrusted to him and the work that is to be accomplished. To quote Brian “The thing about ministry is this, you just have to be “called”, that’s all; from there on out it’s up to the Lord to make everything happen the way it’s supposed to happen. That’s the way he set it up and that’s the way we try to do things around here.”

How long have you been singing Southern Gospel Music?
Brian:  about 45 years
What artist would you say has influenced your music the most?
Brian:  I can’t really say which artist. It was more of a “genre” ,That would be, Southern Gospel.
What was your first song to hit the air waves? And which station started your adventure on air?
Brian:  How Much Love, As far as a stations, it was a mass release over approx. 1200 stations, However, it was a small station in KY where it was aired the most reaching their #1 spot for almost 3 months.
What would you say was the defining moment in your music ministry that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?
Brian:  When I sang and an alter call was given. Souls came to know Jesus

What motivates you to keep going when your tired?
Brian:  My motivation is, I know that what I am doing opens up souls so that they might hear the message of Jesus and His salvation through song and personal testimony. Bottom line seeing souls come to know Christ and His love.

Do you have any new projects in the making?
Brian:  Yes, there is a project in the works. I am still waiting on tracks to be completed.I am not sure of a release date at this time.

What’s your current single on the air waves that we might hear?
Brian:  I actually have a couple of songs rotating through the air wave. How Much Love, and My Faith.
To learn more about Brian Mace you can go to his Facebook website link on my page.  Brian is available for Bookings in your area.
Above and Beyond,
Dream Catcher 3:20
Cassie Gilman

Interview with Inspirational Country Artist Chris Hayle

I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people over this last year.  I have met a great friend and Inspirational Country Artist Chris Hayle.  I was able to do an interview with Chris to get to know a little more about his music and ministry.  I hope that you are blessed by it as well.

Here is a bio clip from Chris’s website.  You can go to his website to keep up with his schedule as well as order his cds.!home/mainPage

From the back roads in a small town in Michigan, to the streets of recording studios in Music City, Tennessee, Chris has been singing to audiences abroad. 

​Chris grew up listening to the older style of Country and Pop music, but his taste includes hymns, and today’s Contemporary Country zest to give his albums well rounded flavor.

Chris began singing as a child but not publicly until he started attending church as an adult.  In short time, he became song leader of the worship team. 

After his experience of major depression, father’s death at Christmas time in 2001, and several back surgeries, Chris began writing down his thoughts creating the title song to his Christmas album, A Heavenly Christmas, in memory of his father, and also penned the song “Celebration of Life”.  The Cd includes several Christmas inspirational favorites.

​Our NEW project, “This Is God’s Country”, took a whole year to bring to fruition!  With the help of Fans, Family, Friends & the provisions of our Heavenly Father, we are now able to bring you 10 new songs!  These are a must listen!  Each tune will speak to your heart in some fashion, but above all……I pray that lives are changed for God’s Glory!



How long have you been singing Inspirational Country Music?

Chris: I have been singing Inspirational Country music for the past 12 years!

What ICM artist would you say has influenced your music the most?

Chris:The ICM artist that has influenced my music the most would be Tommy Brandt! I have learned alot from Tommy in the life of a “musicianary”!

What was your first song to hit the air waves? And which station started your adventure on air?

Chris:The first song to hit the airwaves is called “A Line In The Sand” which hit the Top 10 after 9 months on the ICM charts! Our local station, WGDN 103 Country has been a major supporter in playing our “local” music. They have a Sunday Gospel program that they include me in.

What would you say was the defining moment in your music ministry that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?

Chris: The defining moment, I believe, was in 2012 at the ICM Award week showcase. Something just clicked and happened that day, and since then our music has skyrocketed! Our big hit song, “This Is God’s Country” spent a whole year on 4 different charts! Our newest radio single is “What If Jesus Comes Back Like That” that I recorded on my very first project, but it became such high demand, we re-recorded it in 2014!


What motivates you to keep going when your tired?

Chris:The biggest motivation is God, but seeing/hearing children sing my songs…….that just does something to my soul, keeping in mind that they are the future church! Thank you Cassie and God Bless your ministries!


What single are you targeting right now and where is it at on charts?

Chris:“What If Jesus Comes Back Like That”. As far as I know it hasn’t charted yet. Was released in August through Above & Beyond Promotions.


Be sure to check out his website and find him on Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you Chris for sharing your time with me and for this great interview.



Dreaming Above and Beyond Eph 3:20

Cassie Gilman