Wyatt Nations: Old Stomping Grounds-New Man

Former Rodeo Competitor; Wyatt Nations now uses his God given talents as an Inspirational Christian Country singer/song writer. After being gone from his hometown area for many years he recently returned. He might have been on his old stomping grounds but he was there as a new man.
Wyatt grew up in Azle, TX. He started writing and singing country music when he was in his 20’s. After giving his life to the Lord, he started writing and singing Christian Country Music.

Wyatt has recently recorded and released his first cd “No Greater Love”. His single release “If It Satisfies You Lord” has charted with two of the Christian Country Charts and is climbing up the charts fast.  He has been blessed with many open doors to share his music.  He travels to churches and events with his backup singer;  Trish Hawkins and harmonica player;  Rendall Caviness.

Left to Right: Trish Hawkins, Wyatt Nations, and Rendall Caviness

On August 16th Wyatt and these guys were at Cross Brand Cowboy Church in Boyd TX.  Also in attendance were  some of Wyatt’s rodeo buddies; Kelly Linehan, JD Wetmore, and his high school Rodeo Chaplin Frank Malano.  These guys had their selves a “mini HS Rodeo reunion” right there at Cross Brand Cowboy Church.

Left to Right: JD Wetmore, Frank Malano, Kelly Linehan, and Wyatt Nations

Wyatt stated from on stage:  “these guys probably never thought we would one day  all be in church together.

When Wyatt was in his youth, Frank Malano(his former HS Rodeo Chaplin) was planting seeds of faith in his life long before he knew it. It wasn’t until years later when he came to know exactly what Frank had been doing all those years.

Wyatt’s words of wisdom he shares often from the pulpit or stage, is to never give up on your loved one out there. No matter how bad it looks never quit believing for the best for them. Wyatt spent many years involved with a life that was doing nothing but destroying him. He says he is so grateful and blessed for those who never gave up on him.

Several members of Wyatt’s family were in attendance for this special service. They were able to witness first hand what can happen if you don’t give up on someone.  They each stated how very proud of him they were.
To learn more about Wyatt Nations you can go to wyattnations.org
Dream Catcher 3:20

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