Wake up that inner joy!


This weekend I traded purses with a very dear friend of mine.  I asked my daughter what she thought of it and she said mom that  purse is not your personality it doesn’t fit you. I told her that in my past when I was younger my friends would say where in the world did you get that purse and laugh at me.  I would come up with some eccentric purses that did not really meet my normal personality.  This morning I’ve been thinking about that. 
Who defines my personality?  I believe that sometimes we let circumstances and false thinking determine our personality and our likes and dislikes. I believe we stuff our self in a box and tell ourselves what we can and cannot like or do or be because it’s expected of us. 

I think in my life I put myself in a box in so many areas physically, mentally, spiritually, and personality wise. When I was in high school I remember having friends tell me that I made them laugh. In years that have gone by hurts, trials, anger and bitterness’s have put me in a place where I’ve been too serious about life.  Oh  I have my moments of cutting up and letting loose and letting my walls down.  I think for the most part I pushed too hard, been too intense, forgot to laugh and forgot to find that eccentric personality that I knew was in there. 

Life should be fun!  God says a merry heart does good like a medicine.  I watch Sandy Krakowski and I could never pull off hot pink bangs but that’s part of her personality that is fun and upbeat. I CAN pull off a polkadotted purse lol. I can make life fun and find areas that make me  smile.  

It’s time to wake up that inner joy!  It’s time for me to stop making excuses and start making changes. I want to be known as that person who makes people smile and laugh by just being me. My favorite character on Criminal Minds is Penelope. She is so eccentric. Everyone loves her for her. She has her personality right out there in the open for all to see. 

Today my prayer for myself and you is that you wake up that inner joy!  God gives us joy through His life. He created you to be who you are.  Those thoughts, ideas, dreams, personality trades that make you eccentric, unique, special to God and society come alive and wake up today!!!  

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie G. 

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