Trusting beyond me!

I can say I trust God, but the true test comes when I on my own can not  meet my needs. Truly there is nothing we do that’s on our own. However,  it sometimes takes being totally dependant on nothing or no one but Him to make us realize this.  


A month ago I took a step of faith and moved out into my own place. I had a goal to make that move in June. But, my friend who had helped me in time of need in the past was in need. So I leaped on out to start rent and utilities of which I had not had in 4 years.  A month into this new adventure I find myself off work with a very painful injury. The pain has caused a lot of emotional stress and I’ve had to push forward to keep my eyes on God. I have missed a week of work so far. It’s at this point I am realizing I wasn’t trusting God. I was trusting me. Trusting me to work, pay for my bills, drive myself, clean my own house, and etc….


Today my prayer and desire is Trusting Beyond me!

I don’t know exactly how the bills will be covered, if I will be back to work next week,  if there will be surgery or none, and all the details that I desire to know. BUT I DO KNOW HE HAS GREAT PLANS FOR ME!


Dream Catcher 3:20


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5 Responses to Trusting beyond me!

  1. Randy Finchum says:

    Amen Cassie. I have done this too; time and time again it seems….get away from trusting God and start thinking I can do it myself. And that’s when life starts becoming a struggle.

  2. Andrea says:

    Reminding ourselves that God is in control is so hard, and it often takes a personal disaster to knock us back into trusting him. So glad you have put your life into his hands at this point in your life. Praying for your continued strength of faith.

  3. Chris Carter says:

    Praying for your faithful heart to remain FAITHFUL!! In times of struggle and difficult circumstances, it is then that our true trust in God is tested and revealed. Keep your eyes and your heart on Him.. He WILL provide!

  4. KC says:

    Times like this can be so difficult, I know. When I once was in a similar situation it certainly drew me closer to God and I spent much time in prayer. Learning to trust God is not a fun experience, but once it is learned the amount of peace it can bring is amazing!

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