The Venom is also the Healing

I have been sitting here listening to Paul Daugherty preach this morning. What a timely message for me.

Wow the very venom that a snake uses to poison is also used for the cure!

When you have been bitten by life and filled with toxic venom of pain this applies in the spiritual. Mixed with Christ Blood and Healing that venomous bite will be used for healing others. OH MY WORD IM SO PUMPED UP THIS MORNING!

Going to be real with y’all. I have felt like my life has been altered forever from this last painful experience in my life. I had began to wonder if I would ever be the same. Ever see things the same way. Ever feel the same as I did before. If I would ever not feel the pain even though it maybe days apart verses seconds. Questions and more questions I have had!!

THE ANSWER is the pain may totally heal but the scars will Heal others! They will SEE where I was healed. NO I won’t ever be the same as before because now I HAVE A MINISTRY I would have never had before this. I can touch peoples lives I would have never touched. I relocated because of the wound and venom and am in a totally NEW place physically and emotionally in my life that allows me to reach new people.

You may have been bitten by a poisoned person or situation that left venom in you. You may have hurts and wounds so deep, you wonder if you will ever be whole! God will take that very thing and use it for healing. He will heal you inside and out! He will take this horrible mess and give you a message!!

DONT QUIT NOW! Let HIM turn this into something amazing in your life!!!

Dream Catcher 3:20


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  1. Randy Finchum says:

    Love this Cassie….AMEN! 🙂

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