The Time Has Come

This is not an easy post I write. But after several months I’m having to face reality! I know people don’t understand because I don’t understand, how what appeared to be something so wonderful could be anything less than that. We never know what goes on behind closed doors of a person or their home. We have dark things sometimes hidden in our hearts and minds that has yet to be brought into the light of God to heal. So when you start seeing things exposed it can be really ugly. There are things that people will never see or know sometimes in a persons life and we have to figure them out by only what we see.

My marriage wasn’t as amazing as it appeared on social media or standing on a stage. Both of us brought baggage into the marriage with out even realizing it. That happens a lot in life. However our situation became unstable and not an environment to be in for either of us. I left and came to Oklahoma hoping and praying for deliverance, truth exposed in our hearts, healing and restoration.

After almost 6 months it’s come to light that there has been little if not any progress in our marriage or those areas.

When heat is put on a subject it will either expand or explode. I was praying that expansion of the heart and mind and room for hope and God would be found. Instead it’s just more exploding and hurt.

And so it’s with a very heavy heart that I tell y’all that the marriage is being dissolved.

I know there are people who have been hurt and disappointed with this and I’m so very sorry.

Don’t stop praying for either of us! We both have hearts for God, families that love us, friends that support each of us and futures to go into!

I can’t stop living even if it’s hard to breathe! Gods the one who holds the tears shed for the last many months and He will hold my hand as I walk the rest of my life out step by step!!

I won’t stop living, loving and dreaming!

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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