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Interview with Rendall Caviness


Last year in October I was blessed to help Carol Hogner put on her First Anual Carol’s Benefit Concert.  I was in charge of lining up artist.  I invited a group from a church we had been to for her to sing.  There was an amazing harmonica player there with this band.  When I watched him playing with his leather harmonica strap on with all those harmonicas I was very impressed.  One I had no idea there was more than one key of harmonicas not to mention enough you had to have a belt on that looked like a large ammo belt.  Two they call harmonicas harps! HUH LOL

You know I do not believe in coincidences but I do believe in divine connections.  It was not long after this event that Rendall started playing back up harp for Carol and we all started traveling together.  We have been blessed to go to many churches and events and Rendall keeps people mesmerized with his big ammo belt and harp playing.


Rendall picked up harp playing about 40 years ago.  He was told it would help put babies to sleep. “I had three sons.  I wanted some peace of mind. It worked, kinda sorta.” Their mom would play the piano, and I would play the harp along with her.  At that time we mostly played church music.  Back in that day folks entertained themselves with music.

Rendall accidentally taught himself to play harp upside down.  He said “its like a left handed guitar player playing a right handed guitar.”  His dad was a pastor and they moved pretty often.  Rendall grew up from about 5th grade in the Mississippi Delta.  In the Mississippi Delta area there was always a lot of harp players and guitar players.  In the 50’s the color barrier meant that he was not allowed to attend most of the shows.  Rendall would listen to these programs on the radio and fell in love with this style of music.  Rendall learned to practice with the radio and does this even today.


I was able to do a live interview with Rendall at an event a few weeks back.  I hope you all will take a short moment and listen in.


Rendall is available for recording with artist and playing back up for you or in your band.  Be sure to check out a few of these videos.  He recently backed up Jimmy Jones in concert.  I have added a video of one of their songs as well as few others.

Be sure to go like Rendall’s Facebook page at Harping4U.  Be watching for more videos and recordings coming soon.


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