Step by Step

Have you ever found yourself just stuck in a place of what is next?  You know God has a purpose and a plan and you have all these ideas and dreams….But you are just not sure how to go forward with them.

For several years I have had a desire to help others.  I can look back over my childhood and my youth and see where these desires were there.  I have been involved in many different avenues of ministry through my local church, community and outreaches.  I have had jobs that taught me many different skills.  When I was not working for someone else I had my own business.  I had a daycare in my home at one point(this will teach you many life skills lol).  I have been cleaning homes since I as in the 8th grade(many moons ago).  I started my own cleaning business after a divorce that left me in need of income.  I have had times when this business was slow and I had to take a job.  Each time I attained more training and more life skills in each job I had.  I always came back to my cleaning business.

Someone might ask why would you clean houses if you can have a desk job?  The reasons I love cleaning houses are:

  1. I was helping others
  2. I set my own hours
  3. I was my own boss
  4. I was able to listen to Christian Music and Teaching to build myself up in God
  5. It was a skill I could teach others.

Cleaning houses is not what my long term goals are.  However it has been a tool to achieve those goals.

One day recently I was so frustrated trying to figure out why I seem to have all these skills but yet felt stuck in a place of what now?  My hearts desire like I stated before is to help people.  My passion is ministry and encouraging others to pursue their dreams and goals.  As I began to look over my life I began to see that step by step I have been being prepared to do exactly this.  Each skill I have learned will help me in ministry.

In 2010 I developed Mending Fences N Hearts Ministries and in 2013 I began another level of that ministry called Dream Catcher 3:20.  Mending Fences N Hearts is about helping others heal from their brokenness and to be restored and set free.  The next level of this ministry is Dream Catcher 3:20, where I help encourage, promote and coach others to purse their God given dreams and purposes.

Ultimately I want to be a life coach.  What is a Life Coach?

life coach
ˈlīf ˌkōCH/
noun: life coach; plural noun: life coaches
  1. a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges.

I want to be a Spiritual Life Coach.  I want to catch your dreams and help you run with them.  If that means we start with walking through past hurts and mindsets to get you to dream, then we start there.  If it means coaching through believing you can then that is what we will do.

Sometimes when we start looking at all the reasons why we cant do something like for me:

  1. I need to have it all together(never gonna happen only Jesus did that)
  2. Be healthier
  3. Be financially more stable
  4. ……..

So these excuses were holding me back.  So step by step I have began my journey to grow in these areas.  To be a life coach I only have to be one step ahead of someone to pull them up with me.  So if the steps I have taken now can help someone else take those steps why would I keep making excuses?

So step by step as I am on my journey, learning life skills then I will be coaching others to do the same.  I will be coaching others to walk with me step by step.

So if you have found yourself trying to put it all together and get un stuck… be encouraged and start stepping…

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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