Well I had this blog I was going to write out this morning and I ended up making it as a comment on someone’s post. Their post was exactly about this.

When people are walking through their own pain and messes we can look pretty on outside and spray out crap like a skunk.

I’ve been beating myself up because I keep making bad choices, acting ways I don’t want to act like, always Letting people down and letting myself down. This morning I walked out into a skunk spray. Skunks are so pretty but when they are startled they spray stink everywhere. That’s what I feel I have been doing for years.

Trying to look good to everyone around me but then something happens to set off my defense mechanism and look out :::

Ugly words, ugly actions, ugly thoughts and spraying stink all around me.

I have to let go of all that junk from my past all the way up to today. Junk that keeps me on the defense has to go. That junk that keeps me trying to look so pretty and all together but all the while stinking up my life and those around me.

I am tired of trying to look good while inside I’m filled with this stink that comes out at all the wrong times. It’s time for my stink producer to be clipped! I want to let things go, let people go, let the past go and even the future! I want to Smell like JESUS!

To all of those I have sprayed my stink on or someone else has sprayed theirs on you…

You keep living for God and you. Don’t let us skunks get any of our spray on you.

God is the only one who has it all together.

Love y’all

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

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