Risk It All

Sharing from the 5 week email list!

It is week 2! Today’s woman may not have a name but when I think of her I think of myself. 

How desperate for God and ALL He has for us are we?  

The woman with the issue of blood!… Oh we all have our issues in life, but how many of us are so desperate in life to risk our lives to reach out for ALL of Jesus? 

The woman with the issue of blood found in Luke chapter 8:43-48 had been suffering for 12 years.  She had spent every last penny she had on a cure, relief and anything that would change her issue.  This issue made her unclean and she was not legally allowed to even be in the public.  In the Bible times she could have been stoned for going into a public setting. This woman only known by her issue was searching for THE ONE who she had heard would heal her and replace the issue with His love. 

Imagine your issue or issues that you have been struggling for years with!!!  You know deep down in your heart that there has to be an answer, a fix, a healing, a restoring love to take them away.  So how far have you already gone to get this?  Have you turned to alcohol, anger, fear, co-dependency, relationships…?  Have you crawled away feeling only weaker and hopeless?  

Now picture this!  You like this woman are fed up feeling void of the true answer!!!  You do not care about the risk anymore!  You do not care what others will think of you!!!  You in your weak moments, frailness in your battle and lack of answers crawl through all the lies of the enemy and you grab ahold of JESUS! 

There were hundreds of people touching Jesus that day BUT He felt the answer to her issue flow out of Him!  He said WHO TOUCHED ME?  I want Him to ask that of me?  To know I risked it all just to touch Him!  I want Him to feel my expectation of the answers I need from Him.

Not only did Jesus heal her physically but He touched her soul!  He called her my Beloved daughter and said now go in PEACE!  He sees past our symptoms and into our hurting hearts. He fills us with ALL we need to be whole! 

Please take a few minutes and go to your Bible or if you have the Bible app read this passage! My favorite is in the TPT PASSION VERSION.  

I am ready to risk it all to have it ALL!

Who is with me?  

I love y’all!


Cassie Gilman


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