One tiny BB creates one gigantic problem

So yesterday we was cleaning a house and sucked up a BB into the vacuum. Somehow that little tiny BB fell out of the hose and down into a space that seems impossible to get it out. Now the hose will not go back into its connector therefor the vacuum can not serve its full purpose!!

Hmm can you already see where I’m going with this tiny little BB story?

This morning as I was already trying to stay out of panic mode when my grandsons birthday cupcakes fell through lol now I have this BB issue. I loaded up my vacuum and headed on a mission to fix the problem no matter the cost. Oh the same on the cupcakes as well lol. My cupcake maker has a sick baby and so best to get some made elsewhere.

I ran by the the vacuum repair shop to find they was not open yet at 9 am! GOOD time to go to the bakery and order my cupcakes. I ordered my cupcakes 🧁 and had one issue solved. Now back to this tiny little pain called a BB. I took the vacuum in and he says there’s no way to get that out unless he takes it all the way apart. He continues to tell me since he is doing that he will clean it inside and out so it will perform better.

You with me yet? Bet you know where I’m heading with this!!!

I am currently sitting in a cafe evaluating why my life isn’t fitting exactly into place. Why I don’t feel I am serving my full purpose and potential! I began to think of this tiny BB causing such major issues. I wonder how many tiny BB’s are stuck in areas of my life that don’t belong? Tiny mindsets, tiny attitudes, tiny little sins that are causing great big issues!!!

Today I am asking God to do a service call on my heart and mind! Clean me inside and out and remove tiny obstacles from my heart and life! You see when a vacuum is serviced it has full potential and power back again! With God I want to walk in His power and purpose in my life.

Well I went there!!! I know y’all some this coming probably before I did lol

It’s amazing what one tiny BB spoke to my heart. $100 later I will have cupcakes and a like new vacuum! It will cost me as well spiritually, mentally and maybe even others areas to clean up my life. Time with God, time to heal, time to learn and time to mature. I just have to be willing to pay the price! After all HE DID! He’s already done the hard part!

Love y’all

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman