KIJS with Cassie-Interview with Chad Williams

541304_448906928512672_144913719_n I was blessed to get to watch Chad perform live at the 2014 ICM Awards Showcase.  That night Chad told us he had a head cold.  I thought wow if this is how he sings with a head cold I cant wait to hear him with out one because he is rocking it.

This week I decided to try out doing a phone interview.  I had a blast.  My friend was there with me and she said “wow you cant hide your emotions by your face for sure.” When I asked what she meant, she said ‘you looked like you love every minute of what you are doing”  I sure do.  So here it is KIJS with Cassie-Interview with Chad Williams



Interview with Chad Williams

Chad Williams grew up playing music with his family now still continues to sing and play to encourage others. In 2013 he had the opportunity to debut at the Inspirational Country Music Awards Week in Nashville , sharing the same stage with Jeff Bates ,Tommy Brandt, Randy-Paul, Aaron and Amanda Crabb, Cross Country the Band and many more. Music is and always will be a part of his life. His style is very different with a inspirational twist ,very soothing yet with a hint of country, blues , and whatever else you may pick up on. Nevertheless he always leaves you wanting to tap your feet right along.



I love Blues Music and this song is now one of my favs. Click Below to listen to Blues Gospel.


Check out Chad’s Video from the 2013 ICM Awards.


To learn more about Chad Willimas and his music and ministry click below.





Thank You Chad for doing this interview for Kickn It Java Style with Cassie.


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie G

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6 Responses to KIJS with Cassie-Interview with Chad Williams

  1. Tammy wilson says:

    Chad is amazing men and can play any instrument you give him and can sing like no other. I attended he’s wedding he played and sang to her. He had me in tears. He has so much talent. I’m very bless to know him.

  2. Great to hear this interview with our good buddy Chad. Thanks for sharing!
    Randy of Randy-Paul

  3. Travis Bryan says:

    I am honored as a songwriter that Chad recorded an original of mine that I co-wrote, “The High Life”. It was such an honor to hear his version of it! He is a true talent & I am so glad that he is serving Jesus, The real High Life!

  4. Travis Bryan says:

    Thanks to Chad for giving a shout out to my show, The Live Show on am1070WEKT in Elkton, Ky. ( & for giving a shout out about The High Life written by Bucky & Annie Thomas, Larry Houchin, & I. When I wrote my other comment, I hadn’t heard the whole interview yet. Great interview Cassie & Chad!

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