Kickn It Java Style with Cassie

For those of you who may not know! I am launching an Internet Radio Program via my blog on March 7th.
It will be a weekly program, posted every Saturday morning.

KIJS is a program featuring Christian Country Music. We will special feature Southern Gospel and Christian Folk Music as well.

Each week KIJS will be uploaded in the form of a blog. There will be a play button or link to listen online. I will feature one artist each week by giving their Website and Booking information on the program. I also will feature them with add links to their website.

KIJS will be syndicated late spring or early summer. I will be posting what stations it can be heard as this takes place.

KIJS is an independent program, It does not report to charts or ratings. It is strictly for getting Gods word out through music, promoting artist and making Dreams come true.

If you are an artist and want your music played on my program please submit a request to

Dream Catcher 3:20
Cassie Gilman


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