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I met Kimberly Dawn at the 2014 ICM Awards.  She is such a sweet woman of God.  I enjoyed her showcase and loved her true country sound.

Kimberly and I have a sweet mutual friend; Richard Frazier.  Richard Plays Kimberly’s music on The Richard Frazier Show.  He networked and connected us together.  I am so glad he did.

Kimberly called me the other night and we talked for over an hour.  She shared her heart with me and what God is done in her life.  She blessed me with this interview.


Kimberly Dawn Nutter, a native of Greenbrier County, WV, is a comparatively new edition to the Country/Gospel music industry. Since professionally beginning her career in 2013, her singing and songwriting abilities have made her one of the most influential voices of “this generation’ of Country/Gospel music. Kim always strives to reach out lyrically to the sick, afflicted, and broken-hearted, and her efforts have gotten noticed, often resulting in her music being described with words like: joyful, uplifting, inspiring, affirmative, exuberant,and universal in its appeal and intention. Her message is quite abundant with love, faith, rhythm, wisdom and soul.

Kim has striven to rise from the shy young vocalist she started as to where she is today. She whole-heartedly believes that her career is an answered prayer and an opportunity to use her combination of talent, extraordinary work-ethic, and girl-next-door likeability to continue both her artistic growth and growth with her ministry.

Bio taken from her website below

Interview with Kimberly Dawn

 How long have you been singing Country and Inspirational Country Music?   I’ve been singing and writing all my life. However it wasn’t until after my children and myself experienced an enormous tragedy in 2011, I began to pursue my singing possibilities in the year 2013, I was encouraged by a professional friend to submit four of my songs to Internet Radio and in two days they charted in at #1, and remained in the top 20’s for over three weeks.


Are you an independent artist?  Yes.


What artist would you say has influenced your music the most?  I have several influences from different genres: Elvis Presley, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Louie Armstrong, Jason Crabb, Allyson Krauss. The most influential in recent times would have to be Carrie Underwood.


What was your first song to hit the air waves?  “Holding On “


And which station started your adventure on air?   Wow, I started out on hundreds of different radio stations, thanks to HMG Christian Country Radio. 

Click on link below to listen to this great song by Kimberly Dawn

Holding On


What would you say was the defining moment in your music ministry that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?  It was on a memorial day weekend, “Kimberly Dawn had been scheduled to perform for the Veterans and POW’s . We had several sound problems , not to mention my lead guitarist was stuck in a wreck just a few miles away, no one was hurt of course.  He called in and said he could not make it to play, I was feeling very discouraged , but the show must go on.  I looked up and saw a special needs couple raising their hands toward the heavens with smiles on their faces and tears of joy for the Lord streaming down from their eyes as they danced in circles all around the area while we played. Of course I was crying too, but I saw the love of God at work. That’s one of the most memorable times on this journey. But there have been many blessings almost too many to count.


What motivates you to keep going when you’re tired?  I think about the calling God has placed on my life. I think of how Jesus died for us and He never gave up on us.  Lord willing I will press through and keep on keeping on!

Do you have any new projects in the making?  Absolutely , in just a few weeks we will have a complete album of twelve songs “ Reaching Higher “, as well as a single called “ Can’t have Me”.


Click on link below to listen to Cant Have Me

Cant Have Me


What’s your current single on the air waves that we might hear? “Rain on me” just debuted about three weeks ago.


Click on Rain on Me to listen to her new single

Rain On Me


Do you write any of your own songs?  Yes, I write all of my songs and my husband helps me with music arrangements on a lot of them.


What is your personal favorite out of all the songs you have recorded or sing? “Reaching Higher “
is one of my favorites, it brought me through one of the hardest times in my life. All of my songs relate to an experience God has brought me through.


Can you share one of your funniest memories of Singing on stage or while recording?
There have been several; however everyone in the band got big kick out of me biting the mic, while we were on the air live at the Floyd Country Store in Floyd Virginia. I will share with you that my dress seam ripped straight up my leg at the Nashville Palace in Nashville Tennessee, while preforming and anyone that commented on my dress thought it was made that way.   I just kept on singing however,  I laughed half the night over that one.


Can you tell us about the clothing and accessories you have on your website?  Yes, the line of clothing and accessories are designed to represent the lyrics from various songs recorded. Proceeds go to a non-profit organization recently founded called Solomon’s Porch. For families, who have been and are afflicted by Drug Addiction, Loss and or Abuse. That’s another project I am working on.


Check out Kimberly’s Online Store Below



What is your favorite scripture and what does it mean to you? 
Isaiah 59:1 Behold the Lord’s hand is not too short to save, and his ear is not too deaf to hear.
As long as we cry to God with sincerity , He can hear us and He will save us.
I share that scripture with people that feel they are unworthy of God’s love and mercy .

To learn more about Kimberly Dawn and her music please check out her website below.


Click here to enter Kimberly Dawn Ministries



Thank You Kimberly Dawn!!!!!


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie G

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  1. Misty Mabe says:

    Kimberly Dawn has changed my life in a big way. I met her in Ivanhoe at a singing and we connected immediately. She is amazing and awesome. We spoke and she understood me. I love Kimberly Dawn very much and can’t wait to meet her again one day

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