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I had the honor of meeting a really great man of God and song writer this last week.  I have been friends with Randy Finchum on Facebook for awhile but getting to meet him in person just sealed the friendship.  God is always doing those divine connections in our lives.  I asked Randy if he would be interested in an interview for my blog and he said he would love to.

I hope you all enjoy this interview with Mr. Randy Finchum as much as I have.

Randy is a former Smokin’ Hit Songwriter Winner  in Nashville, TN with over twenty cuts to his credit, including a recent cut by country music great Sammy Kershaw. Christian Country Artist Steve Roberson’s cut of Randy’s “Jesus was a Rebel” was nominated for the 2014 AMG Heritage Award for Song of the Year as well as recently spending four weeks as the #1 requested song on 95.5 WTVY’s “Son Country Countdown” and also being the #1 requested song for May and June 2014 on Christian Country Giant HLE Radio. Randy also co-hosts the wildly popular “Commercial Suicide Songwriting Podcast.”

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How long have you been writing music?
Randy: Since I was 19 years old! Wrote a song called “Carry Me on Home.” It was about my dog….now if that ain’t country what is? lol
Seriously though, the dog I wrote that song about was in our family from the time I 4 till I was almost 18, and I wrote that song about her about six months after she died. I don’t remember all the words to it, and I know it wasn’t the most well written song I’ve ever done, but I do remember that it made us all cry. It’s making me tear up and smile right know as I think about it; that’s the beauty of music.


Who do you feel has influenced you the most in your music career?

Randy:My late father was my first loyal listener. Oh how I miss that smile on his face. Dad like all kinds of music, and passed that trait along to his boys. Growing up, you name it and we listened to it. I got my first “crush” on country music when I heard Travis Tritt’s “Help Me Hold On” on the radio. After that, I fell in love with country when someone let me borrow their Garth Brooks “Ropin’ the Wind” album, and the next to the last song “In Lonesome Dove” gently gave me my first country kiss. I also love Marty Raybon of Shenandoah. What a voice!


What was the first song you had on the radio and who was the artist?

Randy: Oh, I remember it well; it was Adam James singing “Miss America” on a station here in Nashville. My wife and I pulled over to the side of the road to listen to Adam’s interview, and when the first couple of notes started to play it was an indescribable feeling!


What would you say was the defining moment in your music ministry that you knew that this was what you wanted to do?

Randy: Music Ministry, I love those two words. I was on drugs and very lost for a few years there. It took me away from music and everything else that was truly important in my life. When God saved me from that, I remember praying “God, what should I do?” I was 38 years old and had lost everything, so I was completely starting over. But God, oh my loving God, still had plans for me. He wasn’t going to let the dream He planted in my heart all those years earlier die. Little by little, step by step, He led me back into music. First by writing a song for the DVC Ministry, the Ministry that lead me to the Lord and freed me from the drug possession, then by entering the Smokin’ Hit Songwriter songwriting contest, which I won and the prize to write with hit writer Dave Gibson. It was then we wrote “Jesus was a Rebel”, which has been a huge Christian Country hit for Steve Roberson. As for one moment, wow, I’ve had so many of those “one moments” during my second chance, born again life, that all I can say is they’ve all combined to let me know this is what God wants me to do. I so love what God has done in using my passion of making music to do what makes me feel the most complete, glorifying Him. Music Ministry, what could be cooler than that!


Do you have a funny story you can share with us of working with any particular artist?

Randy:  I remember August of 2011sitting on Dave Gibson’s back deck writing, so nervous I could barely talk. I mean, here I am sitting across from one of my favorite writers actually getting to write with him! I had taken what I thought were five of my best song ideas to Dave, and he didn’t really care for any of them. Here we were 45 minutes into what was a one hour I had won to write with him, and I was scrambling to come up with something that we could write. That’s when I played him a song I had written years before that I never felt like was quite finished. It was called “Jesus the Original Rebel.” Dave loved it, and was suppose to be a one hour writing appointment became five hours. I got to share in the magic of a guy with six #1 hits and “Jesus was a Rebel” was born that afternoon. The rest is history. God had His own plan that day, and, as usual, it was an amazing plan. Ain’t He cool!


What motivates you to keep going when you’re tired?

Randy:  Jeremiah 29:11, that says it all! God has something great in store for me, and no situation, human being on this planet, or satan himself can’t stop it. I know if I do my part and put my faith into action, whatever has made me tired at the time will pass.


If you are looking for someone to write you a hit song that will touch lives then Randy is your guy.  Please find Randy on Facebook and make a connection.  You wont regret it.

Thank you so much Randy for this interview.


Above and Beyond

Cassie Gilman


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