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This last year I was blessed to attend the 2014 ICM Awards.  As I was walking around all of the booths I saw a beautiful young lady standing behind one of the booths.  I realized she was Miss Taylon Hope.

I had listened to Taylon on HLE Radio and fell in love with her voice.  I had no clue she was only nine years old.  As I stood and listened to Taylon speaking with others around her, I was drawn to her.  Taylon spoke with others with such maturity, both intellectually and spiritually.  My heart was drawn to her for more than one reason.  I saw God in her and I also was reminded of two very special girls I have been blessed to get to know in my life. Taylon reminded me so much of the younger of these two girls all the way down to her beautiful red hair.

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When you listen to someone on the radio you only imagine what they are really like.  As I watched Miss Taylon singing her heart out on the stage, my heart melted even more.  I knew right then I needed her cd.   I also knew two young ladies I couldn’t wait to bless with Taylon’s music.  I was so disappointed that I got so distracted and forgot to stop back by the booth and purchase one.  Well God knew my heart because a few weeks later I was blessed by Taylon and her parents.  They sent not only a cd for me but two autographed photos for the two special girls I mentioned above.  They put smiles on lots of faces with that blessing.

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I am so very grateful to present to you my Interview with Miss Taylon Hope.



Taylon Hope is a nine-year old singer and musician from West Jefferson, NC. Taylon began singing when she was four years old in her church. She currently maintains a busy schedule throughout the year of performing at churches, festivals, fairs, and other venues. She released her debut CD, recorded in Nashville, TN, “What This World Needs”, produced by Tommy Brandt, in September of 2014 . She is part of Beyond The Music Promotions, owned by Tommy and his wife, Michelle. Taylon plays guitar and is also learning to play piano and mandolin. She was nominated last year for Youth In Music Award for the 2014 ICM Awards and nominations for Youth Artist of the Year and New Artist of the Year at the 2014 AMG Awards.

Taylon loves to travel, playing tennis, spending time with her friends, and spending time on her grandparent’s farm. Her favorite place to visit is Nashville, TN and one of her many goals for herself is to one day sing at the Opry. She loves animals and has a pony, a dog, and a cat. Taylon feels blessed to be able to share her love for music and she has a strong desire to continue traveling and sharing God’s word through her music.


Question #1. At what age did you start singing Country and Inspirational Country Music?

Since I was small my parents have always told me they could tell I had a strong love for music. I began singing in my church at the age of 4 years old. In 2013, at the age of 8, I began singing Christian/Country music after listening and talking with my friend and mentor Tommy Brandt.

Question #2.What artist would you say has influenced your music the most?

The artist that influenced me the most would be Carrie Underwood. Her voice is amazing. I have had the opportunity to see her perform twice at the Opry. I love her latest song “Something In The Water” and how she is a Christian.

I also appreciate many other artists and musicians and their talents such as Hunter Hayes, Rhonda Vincent, Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline. Christian Country/Gospel artists: Tommy Brandt, Mary James, Adam Crabb, and Kari Jobe.

Question #3. What was your first song to hit the air waves? And which station started your adventure on the radio?

My first song to hit radio was my current new single “What This World Needs” and the first radio to play my new single was HLE Radio out of Jennings, Louisiana.

Question #4. Do you have any new projects in the making?

I just released my current CD recorded in Nashville, TN in September of 2014. Currently, I have lots of goals for myself and my music. I am currently booking new dates and events for 2015 and I am working on writing a new song.

Question #5. What’s your current single on the air waves that we might hear?

My current single is “What This World Needs” I plan to release another single from my new CD this year.


Question #6. Does anyone else in your family sing or write music?

My Mom grew up singing with my Grandmother. My Mom and I do sing together and practice together a lot at my church. My Dad plays some guitar with me as well.

Question #7. What is your personal favorite out of all the songs you have recorded or sing?

I would say my favorite song from my new CD is the song “She Prayed Anyway” I wrote this song and Tommy Brandt helped me with it. I wrote the song about a young girl my age in third grade. The songs tells about how others questioned the young girl for praying during the moment of silence at school. She decided that no matter what she would always put God first in her life and she prayed anyway.

Question #8. What do your friends think about you singing and traveling?

My friends think that my singing and traveling is cool and they ask me to sing for them. They like to hear me play guitar. My friends like to hear a lot about Nashville. I have had the opportunity to sing at many local events in my hometown and I got to sing the National Anthem at my school this year and for the high school football and basketball games.

Questions #9. Are you part of a record label or independent?

I am currently independent. I am a part of Beyond The Music Promotions owned by Tommy and Michelle Brandt. I love them and all of the artists that work with BTM promotions. It is so much fun to travel and sing with all of them.

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Question #10.  Who do you travel with on the road?

I travel with Dad and Mom.

Question #11.  Can you share one of your funniest memories of Singing on stage or while recording?

One time my Dad was starting my music and he started the wrong song and I told the crowd he was a “work in progress” and everyone laughed. Also, while recording I have a really country voice and I laughed because I didn’t realize how country I was until I started recording. However, I love being country and that is who I am.

Question #12. What is your favorite scripture and what does it mean to you?

My favorite scripture is John 3:16 and it means that God loved us so much that he gave up his only son for all of us. We serve an amazing God.





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Taylon can be reached for bookings or information at:
*Phone contact 336-846-9589

Follow Taylon on Facebook @


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