Interview with Jake Long

Dreams just keep coming true for this rodeo cowboy

Known as Jake Long


Jake is married to the beautiful Tasha Long and they have two beautiful children.  I have not ever met them personally but I’ve heard such wonderful things about each of them. I have been blessed to get an interview with him. I had the help of his awesome mom, Pam Weatherby.


Jake grew up in Coffeyville, Kansas.  In town I am very familiar with, growing up in North East Oklahoma myself. Jake is the son of Crickett Long  and Pam Weatherby.  He began his career roping at Junior rodeo’s in Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Jake won his first buckle at the young age of eight years old. He won two horse trailers in 1999 team roping in Guthrie and Pawhuska Oklahoma.  I 2007 Jake  won his first truck. It was a Dodge so you know it was a good one (of course writers opinion).  He won his truck at the Dodge finals in Pocatella, ID.


Jake won the Champion Heeler  at the George Strait team roping in San Antonio in 2007  this time he won another nice new shiny truck this one was a Chevy truck and he also won a horse trailer as well as his earnings


In 2010 Jake’s dreams just continued coming true.  He was roping with Brady Tryan, of  Huntley, Montana.  They took first in St. Paul, Oregon and Silver City, New Mexico and placed in a lot of other big rodeos.  Jake also became a 2010 WNFR qualified contestant!  Making it a dream come true!


It is now 2014 and once again Jake Long as made it back to the National Finals Rodeo.   Jake has answered a few questions for this blog and I hope that you enjoy getting to know a little bit more about him.


Thank you Jake Long and Pam Weatherby for helping me get the word out to others that dreams really do come true!!



It’s that time of year again!! It’s the WNFR14! How many years does this make for you as a NFR qualifying contestant Jake?

Jake:  4 years


At what age did you know that this was the dream you would follow?

Jake:  As long  as I can remember


Who has influenced you the most in your career?

Jake:  Clay O’Brien Cooper, also I have had several friends who help me learn to rope and progress. My family has always been a huge influence and great support for me.


What would you say the most difficult situations are that you face out on the road?

Jake:  All night drives and schedule conflicts


If you could tell us what it takes to be a winner what would you say?

Jake:  To be a winner have faith, dedication, lots of practice, and confidence in yourself!

How does your faith play a role in your Roping Career?

Jake:  God blessed me with an amazing talent and I am so thankful for it. I have to have faith and know He will help me every step along the way.


Is there one main piece of advice you can give to all of those kids and adults out there who want to pursue their dreams?

Jake:  Stay focused and keep your eye on the goal.


There are a lot of Team Ropers out there that watch you close and want to learn all they can from you; what are three tips you would have for them in their Roping years ahead?

Jake:  Maintain your game plan. Do not conform to others. Keep strong and focused staying mentally ready.


**Be be sure to check out this YouTube video to learn more about**

**Jake Long and his faith and how it plays a role in his roping.**