I like the number 2 but love the number 3!  

I thought I would share a little of our story. That is the story of Wyatt, Cassie and God. 

Most of you know my favorite Bible verse is Eph 3:20 

Ephesians 3:20 God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us.Glory to God in the church!Glory to God in the Messiah, in Jesus!Glory down all the generations!Glory through all millennia! Oh, yes! 

I believe God has done just that!!!

How 1 became 3!

Some of you do not know the story of Wyatt and I. Well here is how it all began. FACEBOOK!  For those of you who sometimes wonder if there is any good to come out of the Facebook world. I don’t remember who friended who or if it was one of those we have mutual friends so I added him lol. I tend to do that for music promotions. ? Anyways…. we became friends in November of 2014. Wyatt and I didn’t really interact much for a few months. However as he tells it I did stalk him over those few months. Lol
Fast forwarding to January of 2015.  In January of 2015 I saw a photo Wyatt had on his Facebook and I went wow ? so I stole the pic and texted it to Mommjo and said I don’t know much about this guy but he sure is hot. 

 See what I mean???!!!!!!
I watched Wyatts post and tried to figure out who he was and about his music. I would see him posting videos of singing in his travel trailer. I messaged him a couple of times and told him if he was in the area to let me know because Carol was singing at Two Or More. He told me he was on a job but came home some on weekends to his dads. He was not able make out. I kept hoping it would work out for him to come out and sing. At this point I still did not know enough about him to know if this was only a ministry and music connection or if God had bigger plans than even that. 

In March I started my Kickn It Java Style program and I asked Wyatt to send me some music. He and Trish were working on recording some music and he was just getting ready to release his first single “If It Satisfies You Lord”.  I asked him if he could send me a song to play on my show. THATS RIGHT GIRLS THIS IS HOW YOU REAL EM IN!! Wyatt was pretty excited and I remember him asking me how his dad could listen to the program and I sent him the direct link. I was the first to play Wyatt on air. 🙂 At this point I’m still praying and stalking him lol I would watch his post and think man this guy loves Jesus and he’s cUte!!! 

In April I somehow and I know the how was God ended up helping Shella at Countryside Baptist Church with artist for their lineup. If I remember correctly I believe it all was a divine connection made by me handing a Carol Hogner business card to Heather Van Dereen at a cafe lol what a  small world we live in!  Anyways back to my story lol. I inboxed Wyatt and asked him to come and sing for us. He got his schedule worked out so he could join us. He asked if he could bring his aint Debbie and yes I said aint(that’s what he calls her) and his friend Trish. Of course I said YES!  Whatever it would take to get him there lol 

On March 21 I injured my left shoulder so April 15th I had surgery on my shoulder. This was a week before the Spring Fling. Come hell or highwater or SURGERY I was not going to miss this event. Mommajo loaded me up since I was on some drugs and taped up with a ice machine to boot lol off we went to the Spring Fling. It took a few of us to get us hauled into the event and get me set up lol. I had to sit in the back in a soft chair with pillows and plugs going here and there for my social media stuff and my ice machine to keep me comfortable. We got all set up and I nervously awaited Wyatts arrival. By this time we were talking a little more. I was ready to meet him for sure. 

Wyatt and his crew arrived. He walked in and my heart started racing. He was even better looking in person. He gave me a hug and I thought my knees were going to buckle. I wasn’t sure if it was weakness from pain meds or more!  

As the morning went on Wyatt started singing and I was like WOW!  During a break he said to me “if I’d known you were going to be sitting back here I would have brought me a chair to sit with you” of course I grinned ear to ear as Mommajo said “Oh I have one”! Yay mommajo!!  

Wyatt brought in his chair and sit in the back with me. I saw people looking at us and grinning throughout the rest of the day. I would catch Trish and Aint Debbie snickering and looking at him making faces. I don’t know what color my face was but it sure was hot feeling lol not from meds either. At the closing of the day Pastor Brian asked us to stand to pray. I had no plans of standing. The day had been long on me but Wyatt took my hand and pulled me to my feet. It’s very hard to explain this but when he did this it was with such a Godly manly form that made me feel like God pulled me to feet. Wyatt put his arm around my waist and pulled me next to Him to pray. I knew right then this was way more than music promotions. 

We finished up the day and I did not want it to end at all. I was so happy when Wyatt and his fun crew decided to follow us to Jacks to eat dinner with us. I was in lots of pain but I couldn’t think about anything but sitting there with Wyatt. I remember getting tickled when he squirted ketchup all over his chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes lol 

Wyatt and I begin to have “excuses” to meet up when I was able to drive at all I would meet him at the Maverick truck stop. We started dating but not calling it that lol we begin to get closer and learn about each other. I started traveling with him and promoting his music. 

Wyatt and I started really dating and getting pretty serious. We both loved God but somehow we started leaving God out of the center. At this point in our lives I think we were more of a 2 and sometimes in my selfish behaviors I was more a 1!  We begin to butt heads and miscommunicate and it was causing strife and hurts. We didn’t know how to fix it. In Aug we went to see War Room. I believe we both knew it was time to go to war. As we pressed in the enemy raged war and God was in the middle of  trying to make our 1’s into 3. The last week of September we broke up. It was a day to many days of hell for both of us. 

Wyatt and I never stopped talking during the month we were apart. We fought and talked and fought and then we begin to talk and talk. As long as we were fighting I knew we were at least still talking. During this time I lost my job and apartment. I thought about running far far away but God said stay put. I was offered a place to stay at a church and I accepted it. I had my own personal war room. I told Wyatt where I was at and that I was going no where until I heard from God and he decided what he wanted to do. 

Well guess what I was in charge of the Fall festival at countryside and Wyatt was one of my artist. 😉 When wyatt arrived at the church it was so uncomfortable for us both. It felt like I had the plague at first lol. He seemed to avoid me and move away as fast as he could. As the day went on we begin to relax around each other. He would sit by me little at a time during breaks or other singers times. At one point I moved to the back row of the church. I remember this so well. Mommajo was singing God Bless The USA the song was so anointed. As she sang we were on our feet, I began to raise my hands and praise God for freedom. I felt someone looking at me and I saw Wyatt looking back at me. I smiled inside as he went back to “the bathroom” lol I said to myself scoot over he is going to sit with you when he comes back. Sure enough he did. Of course I had another idea and plan. See Mommajo got my jeep stuck before we left so we had one vehicle and she needed to get Deuce home. Well I happened to know that Wyatt was heading her way on the way to a church for the weekend. Lol of course I played that card well! Wyatt gave me a ride home and I was so happy. I did wonder was I imagining this or are we headed back to doing better. He started texting me that night and he was his usual lighthearted and fun self. I was excited. I knew what I knew and I knew with God it was going to happen. 

About three days after this weekend Wyatt asked me if I would like to meet for supper.  I met him at our usual Tuesday night Mexican place. On the way home he sent me a message and I had to pull over to read it. It said I would really like to work things out.  That’s paraphrasing it. I am glad I pulled over because the tears begin to pour out. I had to text all my prayer warriors and tell them. ❤️

Wyatt and I committed to take it slow and let God work I begin to SEE changes in both of us. It was so apparent it was no longer 1’s not even a 2 but we were becoming a 3 cord that could not be broken. I knew for sure we were going to be married. I just was not sure when. I gave it to God as best I could lol  All though I was anticipating the proposal lol. I rushed home at Christmas just knowing lol it we then it would be. Nope so next it was oh it will happen New Years Eve another no! lol so then the next weekend came and Trish was acting weird lol weirder than usual 😉 you know you love me girl.  Anyway Saturday the 9th we went to hear the Patsy cline show and I texted Mommajo and Lu and said its going down tonight I know it is. They are being weird. Nope not again. The next day we went to Branded Cross Cowboy Church. I still thought they were being a little weird but I was not setting myself up to be disappointed again. I knew God would work it out in His time. Well I was on stage for my part on Back To Your Roots. That’s when it happened. Jan 10 Wyatt got down on one knee in front of the church and asked me to be his wife!  

 Because of Wyatts Cd No Greater Love we truly have discovered that No Greater Love!  

We set our date for 4-23-16 and we will be married during the Spring Fling where we met a year ago

Well now you know our story so far! 
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two are better than one,Because they have a good reward for their labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion.But woe to him who is alone when he falls,For he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm;But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him.And a threefold cord is not quickly broken. 
Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman (soon to be Nations)

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  1. Tosha says:

    Congratulations!! So happy for you both! God is good! You got engaged on my birthday!! ? will be easy to remember your story I know this union will bring Glory to God! Amen!

  2. Darrell says:

    Amazing, sister. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this!

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