Holiday Recipes~Nannies Dressing 

Dressing!!! Mmmmm. This is something that can make or break a Thanksgiving for me. Lol. I love my moms dressing and until this dressing below have never liked anyone else’s.

 The first time I came to Mommajos for a Holiday and there was dressing I almost passed it up. I looked at it and thought wow that looks like my moms I better try it. Mmmmmm mmmm am I glad I did.  

So here it is Mommajos -Nannies Recipe!  Now she can pass it down to her smiles!!  

To me my Lil Nannie was the best cook in the world. She made all kinds of yummy homemade recipes but the taste of her dressing lives on in my mind. I’ve played around with this recipe and have finally perfected it to match my memory. I hope y’all enjoy! BlessingS ~Carol
Oooo  I usually double this recipe cause it tastes even better the next day?

Well I will be enjoying this yummy dressing in a few days. I have not got to go home to Oklahoma  in a few Thanksgivings so I’m so grateful for my Texas home ❤️ to go home to. 

Dream Catcher 3:30

Cassie Nations 

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