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For those of you that know me at all, you know I spend a lot of time on Facebook.  I have  been introduced to a lot of wonderful friends, ministries and businesses.  I was scrolling through my page one day and found STS Ranchwear on my Facebook  The first thing that caught my eye was the cross.  I believe in supporting Christian Businesses with all my heart so when you mix the Cowboy Lifestyle and that together you have won my heart over for sure!!


I started following STS Ranchwear and I realized they are way more than a clothing line.  STS is about sharing Stran and Jennifer Smith’s Faith with others through their own lives.  You will find Ranchwear, Fashion tips, Recipes, Fitness tips and Testimonies of God’s love on their website and Social Media.  We all need encouragement from one another and I sure know I need help with fitness and fashion.  LOL…..


I am all about Dreams and encouraging others in theirs.  This is one of my favorite things about STS and the heart of Stran and Jennifer Smith.



Jennifer and Stran Smith are best known for their long standing careers in professional rodeo. Stran has 11 Wrangler National Finals Qualifications and was the 2008 World Champion Tie-Down Roper. He is best known for overcoming hardships in and out of the arena.

Jennifer was Miss Rodeo America and worked as a television correspondent in the western & equine industry for 15 years for networks such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and Outdoor Channel. Jennifer also spends time as a designer and consultant in the Western fashion industry.

What is not highly publicized is their background in ranching. Stran and Jennifer strive to carry on Stran’s 4th generation ranch in Tell, Texas. When not on the road, Stran, Jennifer, and 3 children, Stone, Scout, and Selah raise Black Angus cattle on the family ranch.


I am very honored to share with you a few questions and answers  with Stran and Jennifer.  A look into their heart and Dreams.

What inspired you to begin STS Ranchwear?

The combination of growing up on a 4th Generation ranch and spending the last 20 years in the rodeo and western fashion industry, we have an idea about what we want in Ranchwear. When we went looking for it, there was nothing on the market quite like what STS Ranchwear is today.  Our partner, Chad Fairchild with Carroll Original Wear has spent years perfecting the quality of outwear and sourcing quality leathers that fit the true western buyer’s standards.

The handbags were a vision of passion as well.  I wanted to create a line of bags that not only utilized luxurious leathers and western design, but also had all the organizational needs of today’s western woman.


What is your vision and targeted audience for each of your blogs? 

We love EVERYTHING about the western life that we are so blessed to have been raised in. We feel it’s important to honor a legacy of the true working cowboy and family life, educating on skills, equipment, livestock, and wildlife. We, more importantly, strive to emphasize the principals that this country was built on:  HONOR and INTEGRITY while being TRUE to your faith, your family and yourself.   Anyone that is or just wants to be cowboy can find great stuff on


How has faith played a role in your family, being on the road rodeoing and running a business?  

In every way, Faith is the center of our life.  In every venture in our life, whether it’s rodeo, ranch, and especially our family we want to be in God’s will.  We wouldn’t attempt to do anything with out His confirmation… not just in our business, but in every part of our life.




What three tips could you offer to tell us how to stay focused Spiritually, Mentally and Physically?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.  It is very important to have a plan so you know what direction to go.  Write down your goals and look at them often. Be consistent and stay the /coarse.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.  It is so important for us to have a Purpose in our goals beyond “us.” Like we’ve said, if God is at the center of everything you do, you have a bigger purpose and responsibility in obtaining your goals.  You never know who is looking up to you or who you will inspire in the meantime.  Stran said it best in his interview when he won the World Championship.  If your heart is still beating than God’s has a plan for your life.



Thank you STS Ranchwear (Stran and Jennifer)  for this great interview.


To learn more about STS Ranchwear and Stran and Jennifer Smith please check out their website below and be sure to follow them on Facebook.




Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman




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  1. These people are living the true American dream!!! To combine faith in Almighty God with success in your chosen livelihood is a definitely a winning combination.

    • Cassgilman says:

      Thank you. They sure are. Randy if you are entering for the add giveaway be sure to share this blog on your Facebook page and go over and like Dream Catcher 3:20 page to be qualified.

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