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One of my favorite things in life is to promote others dreams, purposes, ministries and businesses.  I was looking through my feed on Facebook and saw a page called Get Salty!  I stopped and decided to take a look.  I had once done a teaching on being the salt of the earth and the different uses of salt.  God tells us to be the Salt of the Earth in Matthew 5:13.  As I read the about section for Get Salty I realized this was their founding scripture.

I entered a contest on Facebook and won a t shirt with Get Salty’s logo and was so excited.  I asked them to change the size of the shirt so I could give it as a gift to a special friend.  When I received their reply they said they would just send me two.  When I opened my box they blessed me with 4 t shirts.  I was able to bless two other people and get their brand and their vision out there for others to see.

I am so excited to share their vision with you.


As a team roper and coming from a ranching family I have heard the slang “Salty” from my granddad down to my dad as describing someone that is good at something. As I was competing at a roping a pro team roper JOJO Lemond ran a super fast time and out of my mouth comes …”that cat is salty”. As I get home I tell my wife that I want to start a rodeo apparel, GET SALTY.  As my wife is a very devout Christian she says sure, but only if it glorifies God. Keep in mind that before I met my wife 13 years ago my life was black and white. I thought life was grand chasing the hwy and hitting all the rodeos I could… Boy was I wrong. She showed me what life was like in color as she introduced me to truly knowing the Lord. As she stated there are several verses in the bible referring to SALT she was reading the bible and came across MATT 5:13 ” Ye Are The SALT of The Earth…” We both thought that was very fitting to our clothing line. As we sell and explain our product we let them know both meanings of GET SALTY…describing ones God given talent and Biblical Reference MATT 5:13 ye are the Salt of the earth… We do not put the entire verse as we hope people will have the curiosity to open the Bible and read further than the remainder of Matt 5:13.
Our vision for Get Salty is to produce a trendy clothing line that will help spread the message of the Lord and praying it leads people to Christ.
Thank you all so much for sharing your vision with me.
Y’all be sure to check out their website and go like their Facebook page.  Order your Get Salty apparel today.
Click on the Photo below to go directly to their website. You all so much for sharing your vision with me.
Dream Catcher 3:20
Cassie Gilman
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