I saw this on a friends post this morning.

My entire life, I have held on to people like they were some kind of life line.

I have allowed myself to be consumed with others needs over my own, over my spouses, and over my own children’s needs. I was so codependent. I was always so afraid to be left behind and rejected.

I have allowed toxic people to control my life for way too long. I have allowed their drama and darkness to be my drama and darkness. I created my own world of toxicity and darkness by living for others.

There are just a few days left in 2019, I am leaving this part of my life behind. I have grown so much in this area over the last few years but today I am flat out DONE!

I am done compromising who I am so that I have friends to hang out with. I won’t be less than so I can date someone that’s intimidated by my purpose. I will no longer surround myself with people who drain the life out of me, that create an atmosphere where I weaken my morals, words, actions and love walk.

I am DONE!

His word says He has great plans for me! Plans to prosper me and not to harm me. If it doesn’t line up with that then I AM DONE!

Maybe today it is time for you to take this stand with me.

Lets all go into 2020 ready for the BEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES!


Cassie Gilman