Build It And They Will Come


Oh the fields of dreams that our out there to be built…God says Build it and they will come!!!  The Field of Dreams is one of my favorite movies and I had forgotten about it.  I have been awake off and on for hours with thoughts swarming in my head.  I grabbed a cup of coffee and God put them together for me using this movie.

There are so many fields of dreams out there that need built.  Some of you have had a dream since you were a small child, some of you God just dropped one into you.  No matter how small that dream or how big that dream is, it is still a God given dream.  Really in His eyes there are no small or big dreams.  You might think your dream is insignificant to God and others, this is far from the truth.  Your dream=your purpose=touching someones life!  Rather it is a business or ministry, there will be people.

In the movie Field of Dreams Ray heard a voice that said Build It and He Will Come. The he that the voice was referring to was his father whom he had a strained relationship with.  Now as we well know this is a fictional story.  However the Lord is saying the same thing to us today.  If you will build it they will come.

When we have a dream or vision from God, there will be other voices that argue with you.  They will tell you that no one cares, no one will come, you can not afford that…..  This is not what God says to us.  He tells us ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.


Watch this video of Ray being faced with the negative voice and the voice telling him to keep on going forward with this dream.


When you have a dream from God the very first thing you should do is write it down!  The Bible tells us to write the vision and make it clear so that others who read it might run with it.  Hab 2:2  If you write it down where you can see it, then it will remind you to keep your eyes on the goal.  Then it will inspire those around you to run with your dream and cheer you along.  It is very important we have others.  You maybe afraid to share your dream because you do not want the negative voices.  Take time and ask God to show you who to trust with these dreams.  It maybe your pastor, best friend, children spouse, congregation, etc…  After you have shared this with your inner circle that God gives you, then you must help keep the dream clear and before them.

I believe once God has given you a team no matter how small or large that we should constantly be in prayer and communication with each other regarding the steps and the long term goals.  This keeps the dream alive in them as well as you.  If you let it die out then they will follow your lead.  However if you keep your passion they will be your biggest cheerleaders ever.  In The Field of Dreams Ray’s wife Annie and his daughter Karin were his biggest fans.  It did not start out this way.  Sometimes it takes a little while for others to catch on to the vision.  There are some who never will but in the end God always wins.

If you have been following my blog for very long you know my founding scripture is Eph 3:20.  God can do anything you know!! Far ABOVE AND BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS AND IMAGINATIONS.

Do you see your field?  Do you see the people?  GOD CAN DO THIS!! YOU BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!!!

Below is a word for you.  Inspired by the speech that Mann gave to Ray.

People will come!  They’ll come to your churches, your events and your businesses for reasons they can’t fathom. They will fall in love with your FIELD OF DREAMS. They’ll turn into your parking lots not knowing for sure why they’re doing it. They will arrive at your door as innocent children, longing for Hope, love, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, peace …GOD. Of course we won’t mind they are here, after all this is what we have been praying and dreaming for. They will sow seed money into the ground you have plowed with out even thinking about it, for it is money they have and peace they lack. They will run down to the altars, spread the good news they heard, share about your amazing business and the opportunities given by God. They will participate in your dreams as if it’s their own while God plants dreams of their own for them to build. The anointing will be so thick they will have to brush it away from their faces. People will come!!  The one constant through all the years, has been God. The past of failures have been erased like a blackboard and rebuilt with a great future. One of hope and blessings. The cross that stands before us reminds us of all that’s love and hope!!  PEOPLE WILL COME. THEY WILL MOST DEFINITELY COME!!



Today throw off those fears and start building those fields of dreams.


I am here to be on your team.  I would love to hear about your dreams, pray with you and even help you build them.


Cassie Nations

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