Oh I love the word for today’s challenge.  PRAISE

  1. 1.
    express warm approval or admiration of.
    “we can’t praise Chris enough—he did a brilliant job”
    synonyms: commend, express admiration for, applaud, pay tribute to, speak highly of, eulogize, compliment, congratulate, sing the praises of, rave about, go into raptures about, heap praise on, wax lyrical about, make much of, pat on the back, take one’s hat off to, lionize, admire, hail, ballyhoo;

    “the police praised Pauline for her courage in confronting the thieves”
  1. 1.
    the expression of approval or admiration for someone or something.
    “the audience was full of praise for the whole production”
    synonyms: approval, acclaim, admiration, approbation, acclamation, plaudits, congratulations,

    I am a words of affirmation girl.  I love to encourage others and tell them great things about themselves.  I believe in speaking life into others and about others.  I fall short in this area more than I like to admit.  I also love to receive words of affirmation or we could say PRAISE.  Not in a “I am holy or important” kind of way so worship me… But just a word to let me know I am on the right course in others lives or the work I am doing.

    On my fridge I have a card that my kids sent me a few years ago.  This card has words such as “mom I am really proud of you”, “mom you never give up on your dreams and you inspire me”.  This card means the world to me.  Those words spoken years ago on paper still live and have power today.  This got me to thinking about how much and how often do I Praise God?


    Psalm 100:4 King James Version (KJV)

    Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

    I am going to start making sure throughout my day that I am sending my Father God some Praise!  Hey God I am proud you are my Father!  God that flower is amazing, thank you for letting me see it today…

    I was talking to a friend who said you know when we are Praising God and worshiping Him, it is like we are just hanging out with Him.  God hears our praise and He says oh wow I am going to just going to sit down right here with my child and hang out.

    God gave us a free will and so when we use it to sing His Praises and worship Him as our God it pleases Him to the fullest.

    So today I praise God for this opportunity to share my thoughts on Praise.

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So I started a challenge today. It’s to write for 5 minutes. I was given the word door!

  1. a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework of a cupboard.
    • a doorway.
    • “she walked through the door”
    • synonyms: doorway, portal, opening, entrance, entry, exit
It made me wonder and ponder on how many doors I have walked through in my life emotionally and spiritually.
It made me think about those moments I thought I was going a direction and the door slammed shut on me.
I thought of times I never thought something would happen or the relief would come when SUDDENLY… yep you got it!! THE DOOR SWUNG WIDE OPEN.
The most impactful time in my life was when He stood at the door of my heart and knocked and knocked until I opened it!
Now here is where my thoughts end. There is someone very important to me who has a wall and a door between us! I am going to keep knocking until they let me in, all the way in! That’s what Jesus does, so why would I do any less.
So there you have my thoughts on the word door!
Dream Catcher 3:20
Cassie Gilman
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Can you feel the season change?


Today the weather got a little hairy and the storms were breaking out across NE Oklahoma.  The final summer temperatures were holding on as long as they could while the fall winds and cool temperatures were blowing in.  You can literally feel the season’s changing in your body, sinuses, and some in their joints.  You can feel the temperature changing and smell the fall air.  If you look into the trees you will begin to see the leaves are starting to turn and some even fall off to the ground.

As I scan Facebook, I see those who are so excited for this change in seasons(ME)… As I scan a little further down my feed, I see those who are not so happy about the change.

Now how many times do we hold on to the old seasons in our lives?  We can feel the changes in the air around us.  We can see the changes all around us.  Our spirit man yells out to us saying JUST EMBRACE THE CHANGES. What do we find ourselves doing?  Whining about the downside of the changes or basking in the season we have been in!  We are stuck in our comfortable seat on the beach with our sunscreen and umbrella.  We are holding onto our empty little drink with the tiny umbrella and hoping fall will go away!


NEWS FLASH!!!  Fall is coming with or with out your cooperation.  So you can go into fall in your bathing suits and sunglasses with no preparation for the changes OR…

It is time to prepare in the word for the changes you are sensing in your spiritual life as well as physical.  It is time to put on the proper armor, take the position needed to embrace the changes.  Get into the word and learn what God says about this new season in your life.  Google ideas to help you transition into the new season.  I totally change what I cook and bake in this season verses summer.  I spend hours looking up recipes on Pinterest and ideas to decorate for fall.  If we can put this much time into our everyday changes then why not do the same for our spiritual ones?


I said all this to myself while I was typing this out to share.  This is a word to me for today!  I pray it helps encourage you as well.

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the haven.  Ecc 3:1

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

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Why I wear Purple

For Anchor or online listening

For Apple Devices

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman


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One BLOCK at a time!

Wow it has been forever since I have published a blog! I woke up this morning and started looking over my journal, and decided to share a little with y’all.

If you have been following my blogs or social media, you know this last couple of years there has been some STUFF… Stuff is a nice word for another S word some would use lol. I am going to share how I have been dealing with S in my life!

I had been in Welch for about two months if that when I had a powerful awakening from the Lord. I was separated from my husband and living on an air mattress in my daughters new home. They were still in Tulsa and finishing her senior year at college, I was getting a lot of alone time with God. I had felt nudged to pick up a pretty composition notebooks at the dollar tree and found out why!

One very early morning as I was waking up, I heard these words.

“Get your notebook 📓 and today we are going to build a wall”. I said a wall? “Yes we are going to build a wall one block at a time and call it Cassie’s Wall of anger”. Now I know y’all are going oh yeah right, you talk to God like that???? Actually yes and I can’t explain any other way than watch Eat Love Pray! In her prayer scene she ask God what am I going to do God, tell me what to do! Then her own words, own mouth she says “Go back to bed Liz”. God speaks to us in our own words, own voice and thoughts! We just don’t always recognize it.

Okay so back to my dialogue with my Papa God. I asked God what He meant about a wall of anger. He continued to speak to about how I have wrong mindsets and hurts that have built a wall one block at a time in my life. Now it was time to write each one down as they come to me in prayer and thoughts. I got out my pen and notebook and begin to draw blocks and write down things that came to me. I thought it would be five little blocks on the paper. NOPE!!! It was a page and a half!

I drew out my blocks one at a time and wrote in them my thoughts or deep wounds. When I was finished I was then angry. HMMM WALL OF ANGER… I said wow well thanks a lot now I have this wall and now what! God continued speaking to me even in my S attitude. He let me know that we wouldn’t leave that wall there. One at a time He and I would break my wall down. We would take each thought or hurt and speak love and life into it until it was removed.

Can we say Whew!!

Today I would like to share a few with you!

Block number 12

No more room for people! People=Hurt

Truth, Love and Life

God says to Love your neighbor as yourself.

Is there room for God? Then there is room for people. Is there room for you, Cassie?

If you love God with ALL your heart ,make room for Him, accept HIS LOVE and love yourself then there is A LOT OF ROOM!

  1. Be rooted deeply in His love Eph 3
  2. Love Him with all of your heart; the broken and the whole areas.
  3. Give Him your fear
  4. Love yourself enough to enjoy people even in their weakest moments.
  5. Love them in-spite of the past! Yours or theirs.

Now remember this is in my journal and just thoughts as they came to me. So it’s not well written lol

Block 7

No one will ever be allowed to demean me or put me down again

Truth, Love and Life

No weapon formed against me shall prosper! He takes care of that not me.

If God is for me who can be against me?

What the enemy means for harm my God will always use it for His glory.

Only what God says about and to me is the TRUTH! If it doesn’t line up with TRUTH shake it off!

Block 5

If I have the wall of anger; I will feel safe and less vulnerable!

Truth, Love and Life

This wall of anger entraps me!

This wall keeps me from being the real and true Cassie.

Be angry and sin NOT! This wall truly = SIN.

Jesus was humble and gentle at heart. Matt 11:29

If anyone had a reason to have a wall of anger it was JESUS. If He could remain in love, humbleness and gentle, that’s what my calling is as well.

Block 2 and this is a huge one for me!

IM DISPOSABLE! Like an article intended to be used once or until no longer useful, and then thrown away!

Truth, Love and Life

God has NEVER disposed of me!

I have never disposed of me! I have always continued to press forward and never give up!

God wanted me before I was in my mother’s womb and He STILL WANTS ME!

I want me and I don’t plan on throwing ME away!

I am always useful in God’s Kingdom. If my sole purpose is just to Praise Him and Love Him I always have purpose.

I do make a difference

I matter

All those who walked away from me in my life, did not make me any less valuable!

I am eternal in HIM!

Okay so these are just a few. There are many many more… But each moment I spend with my Papa God we work on these blocks to remove them. Some blocks get removed all in one solid kick down. Some blocks get chiseled at a Little at a time. Some blocks I am just not there yet. BUT my God won’t give up on me and neither will I!!!

I know that Cassie, the healed and whole Cassie. The childlike Cassie who loves openly with no fear is coming out of hiding. With one block at a time I am being restored to who He says I am!


I pray that you ask your Papa to show you any blocks that keep you from knowing His powerful LOVE! He is a gentle God and He will not push you but leads and guides you one block at a time.

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman



Thank you sponsors

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Kickn It Java Style With Cassie and Guest Cori and Kelly Episode 25

I had so much fun with these ladies this weekend. Unfortunately we had some technical issues but we got through most of the interview.

Please take some time to watch this video and check out their website below. OH and check out my sponsors listed below. You will love them!!


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

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So today I got a couple of text, asking me about the challenges I talk about on the podcast show.  I was asked if I could explain in more detail what challenges I am doing.

I am going to post photos of the 30 day challenges that I am overcoming!!! LOL!!!  I am going to stop saying I am struggling with these.  The challenges below are not difficult to do, however staying consistent in them is my battle.

The first challenge is the pushups.  At this time I can not do a floor push up.  I do this challenge as a wall push up.  I will insert a video to show how to do those.

The second challenge I do is the wall sit!

The third challenge is my hardest.  It is a plank.  Now there is an even easier level to start with on planks but I chose this one.  I will insert the level before this one in video format.

Challenge 4 is Yoga moves for beginners.  I am not really into Yoga on a spiritual level.  I am using the physical aspect for my body.  I have a lot of lower back issues and also tension in my body.  I have found that these moves are very helpful for me before and at the end of my work day.


Okay so these are the challenges in which you hear me vent about on the Kickn It Java Style Podcast or see me posting about on social media.


I would love to have you join me in this journey and challenges.


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

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Doing What I Need To Do

Check out my episode “Doing What I Need To Do” from Kickn It Java Style With Cassie on Anchor:

Scripture References

God says, “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain” (Exodus 20:7).   He also says, “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth” (Ephesians 4:29).

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman

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Go Back To Your Beginning

Check out my episode “Go back to your begining ” from #Aboveandbeyond on Anchor:

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Love & Let Them Come To You–Let-Them-Come-To-You-e1uedn

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