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Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Gilman-Nations

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The Calling She Pursed: Bobbi LeAnn

The talented and inspirational Bobbi LeAnn is my first guest blogger.

I know you will find this blog as inspirational as I did!

As far back as I can remember, I have always had a performance personality. My love for music was passed down from many generations on my dad’s side. At the age of 5, I started tagging along with my dad to band practice every Wednesday night. Singing and playing everything from Glen Campbell, George Jones, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash and whole lot of Waylon and Willy. By eight o’clock, I would crash on the couch, but I was sure to be up by nine thirty for our weekly “after practice DQ run!” After years of practicing with the boys, I was excited to finally get to go on the road and perform! Dad and I would make our Tour Dates at local nursing homes, senior centers, jamborees, music contests, and where ever there was an open space to call our stage, we were there. The thrill and adrenaline of being on stage, in front of people, and showing off what I truly loved flowed through my body. My mom would often catch me singing in the living room while I would be working on my “entertainment” skills with her recorder and insisted on making CDs and DVDs to hand out to her family and friends. During my younger years of performance, my younger brother and sister and I would decorate our basement as the Grand Ole Opry. We put up a stage, unrolled an old cut out of old red carpet for our isle, set out chairs for our fans, and I will never forget sneaking the baby powder out of the bathroom to serve as our fog machine. We would pass out tickets to our parents and family friends to attend and enjoy the singing performance of Bobbi LeAnn, gymnastics routine by Brandi Walters, and serval magic tricks by Blake Walters. It is safe to say that no one came from our show without a few spots of “fog” on their clothes and faces.

Along with my passion for music, I could say that I was also blessed with a very creative and entrepreneurial mind. It was during the summer of my fifth grade year that I started my own in- home radio station. I set up a cd and tape player in my room and took music requests from my family. I would fill each commercial break with a wrap up on dad and I’s latest shows, relay the upcoming show dates, even fill in with made up ads for local business in my community, and a daily bible devotional. Although the listening area of my radio station was only our family home, that was were my love for story telling and broadcast media and journalism began.

Fast forward to my high school years. It was then that I participated in almost every extra curricular activity from the school musical to cheerleading, all seasonal sports, FCCLA, show choir to college credited courses. I can still remember the day that I went into my high school counselors office and asking if there was a chance that I could take summer school classes my junior year of high school to free up my senior year schedule to fill it with music classes. After weeks of talking, it was passed and my senior year schedule included choir, band, show choir, and music theory. You could say it was the greatest year of high school classes. My senior year went by very quickly and it wasn’t long before I was in a white gown and hat receiving my diploma.

It was only a few weeks after graduation that I loaded up my parents dodge pickup with my belongings and pointed our wheels south to Nashville, Tennessee. After a full day’s worth of driving, we unloaded at the very top of music row at Belmont University. The campus I would call home for the next three years!! The campus was arranged with beautiful flowers, architectural buildings, and best of all, music was everywhere! Heck I even lived on THE MUSIC ROW. How could life get any better? I could hardly stand the anticipation of waiting for classes to start and finally getting to meet my track and field team members. (Yes, I was a college track athlete, participating in pole vault and soon after recruited for throwing. Division 1 athlete to boot! I was so anxious to compete against the big dogs!) As my freshman year went on, I continued to feel lost. I hadn’t seen my family in months, my long distance relationship was struggling, and most importantly, I missed my small town, dirt roads, and isolation. It was then that I decided to transfer to a school in Nebraska.

The same day that I gave my notice and sent my transcripts to Doane University, my roommates and I sat in my room reading my journal. Over water and a box of Life cereal, we read through every entry and covered topics about school, boys, sports, music, and whatever other life event occurred in the past 5 years. At the end of the night, we came up on a journal entry that had a list of goals and dreams. As I read through the entry and read out the list, I quickly found myself in an emotional mess. Every bullet listed on that page, I had accomplished within the short few months of living in Nashville except two, starting a cowboy church ministry and my own tv show. That night when I laid down in bed, the wheels in my mind were spinning out of control. I woke up the next morning to one of the most amazing dreams ever. I ran to my track and field coach and told him to cancel the transfer because I was staying in Nashville. I needed to complete the next things on my goal list. Over the next two weeks, I went to class and practice but I couldn’t concentrate on what was happening around me. All I could thing about was the dream I had that night after reading my journal. Therefore without hesitation, I called a great friend of mine back home, Jim Wakefield, and told him every little detail. He was every bit of motivation and inspiration I needed. He encouraged me to come home and plan an event and get the ball rolling on this dream.

Over the next few weeks, I focused every ounce of extra time on planning my cowboy church concert and tv show ideas. A few weeks later, my extra time spent on planning my ideas would become part of my entrepreneur class work. I turned my planning process into a business model and creative piece for my project final. There was a week left of class when our professor told us that the individual with the best presentation would receive an A+ in the class as well as a scholarship for pursing their business over the summer. Over that next week, I woke up early in the morning and went to bed late at night as I polished up my final presentation. Presentation day quickly approached and I was the most excited student in the class. When my name was called to the front of the room, I confidently pulled up my powerpoint and discussed very detail in my plan. That next morning, I opened my email and found the greatest message! I had scored the highest on my presentation, received an A+ in the class AND a scholarship to purse my business over the summer. It was during my project planning, I came into contact with two great ladies in Texas who encouraged me beyond belief! They began to talk with me about moving to Texas over the summer and to purse my passions there. After getting the scholarship opportunity, I couldn’t say no! As soon as finals wrapped up, I packed my car full of my belongings and headed to Texas to purse my cowboy church ministries.

Texas was full of opportunity! I was blessed with the friendship of some of the most humble human beings LeAnn Hart, Lenzi Holmes, April Bach-Patterson, and several others. I spent days working with April and her magazine Rodeo Fame, traveling to PBR events with LeAnn, scheduling Sunday cowboy church services and hanging out with my Mary Kay girls! At the end of the summer, I was given with the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the College National Finals Rodeo, sing on the midway at Nebraska’s Big Rodeo, and even put out my first EP. To say the dream that I couldn’t get out of my head was life changing is an understatement!

After my summer in Texas came to an end, I headed back to Nashville to finish up my college education. My last semester, I filled out job application after job application. I researched everything from rodeo, agriculture, and cowboy churches in the Nashville area however nothing was coming up. Quite frankly, I thought my run in Nashville was over. However, a month before graduation, I ran across a press release that mentioned that the RFD-TV Studios would be moving to Music Row. WHAT! I couldn’t believe what I had just read. I had found my saving grace! I applied and interviewed for any available position. This was my chance to stay in Nashville and enjoy the agriculture and western lifestyle. A month later, I got confirmation that I had received the position with RFD-TV.

While at RFD I helped with everything from answering the phones, programming, writing feature stories for the magazine, helping with events, RFD-TVs the American and everything in between. My love for entertainment and broadcast journalism just grew 10 fold. However, the time I spent being a gypsy, traveling between Tennessee and Texas wore on me. I missed my family more than anything.

I packed my belongings and headed back to Nebraska to begin my career at a local news station, News Channel Nebraska. Working as an account executive, I serviced advertising accounts for several clients and companies and got to know my new community very well. I very much enjoyed the client interaction, yet I still craved being in front of the camera. Each night after work, I went home, and added new ideas and concepts to my tv show idea that I had dreamt about my freshman year of college.

My show idea was Nebraska oriented and there was no better timing then now show my boss my idea. Over lunch and coffee, I presented the station’s owner my tv show idea and business plan of highlighting rodeo across Nebraska. Although he wasn’t familiar with the western sports industry he jumped on board and gave me a shot! In fact, he wanted the show to air a week after my presentation. SAY WHAT!? I knew exactly where I would be the next 7 days after work… at my computer editing the interviews, story footage, rodeo updates that I had just filmed that weekend. This could be my only chance to showcase my love for Nebraska and rodeo that I had dreamed up for the past 5 years, Good Life Western Sports.

The next 7 days were brutal! Editing, finding sponsorships and filling commercial space, to continuing my full time job as an account executive and planning the company’s first big LIVE community forum broadcasted over all their channels and online. To say I was busy and exhausted is a complete understatement, but I made it through. By the show’s first first air time, everything for the show was complete and the first episode was a success! After the first airing, I started receiving messages from fan spilling out their hearts. They were so excited to finally see their grandchildren, children, nieces, nephews, and friends on tv being interviewed and updating on their last competed rodeo. I even received messages from people who tuned in or saw me around at their rodeo catching footage or doing interviews. And a few angry messages from fans when the show was preempted or when it didn’t start right at 6:30pm. But the best were from messages that Good Life Western Sports was the best show on the station. About 6 weeks in, the station owner sat down with me to discuss pulling the show. He didn’t agree that the show was catching speed, in fact he could only name a handful of people he knew who actually watched it. With a great deal of convincing, and showing him the messages that I received, I was able to keep the show on through the entirety of the sponsorships, August 31, 2017.

As time went on, situations within the office began to grow and left me feeling unappreciated. There were nights that I had pulled back to back all nighters, drove dang near across the state for station events, my work week hours bled into my personal weekends (months in a row), and more importantly I hadn’t seen my own family in months. Being closer to my family was my main reason for moving back to Nebraska, and the one time I saw them, I slept all day because I was exhausted!

Over many nights of tears and frustration, I decided to quit my job at the tv station, however, the Good Life Western Sports would continue through the end of August as agreed upon. June 25, 2017 will forever be the game changer I needed! After my final day of work, I headed to the Greeley Days Rodeo. There I helped my boyfriend, rodeo announcer Jared Slagle, with music. While I was there, I was able to catch a few minutes of footage of the Sam Foltz’s family receiving a award on his behalf from the Greeley Rodeo Committee. The few minutes I was able to catch I put on the internet. I woke up the next morning to several social media notifications and messages. The video received over 100,000 views and over 10,000 shares. For a poke like me with only 1,000 Facebook followers, the video went viral! SAY WHAT! The same day I quit my job, I had a viral video! I couldn’t be more proud! The next day while waiting for the rodeo to start, the stock contractors and I got together to film a funny story regarding one of the contractor’s help. By rodeo time, Good Life Western Sports had hit another milestone. We had a second viral video! I couldn’t wait to put together the show for the next week and for the station to finally see that we had two viral videos! After a few nights and several long hours, the show was ready to be sent off! When Wednesday rolled around, my phone started pinging non stop with messages like “Where is this week’s show?, Why is is not on again!? What the heck is going on?” I called the station and to my disbelief, they had preempted the show AGAIN! I was so fed up! I couldn’t wait for August 31st to be here!

Ultimately, I wanted my show to end on an internet platform and be online and available to anyone at anytime. So in the meantime of waiting for August 31st to get here. I put my thoughts down on paper on how to grow after. September 1st, I executed. In the months following, Good Life Western Sports has more than tripled its reach and I started my own media company. Today, Good Life Western Sports is seen on multiple platforms across the United States and is the premier source of everything rodeo Nebraska. Right now, all I can say is, GET READY because there is more to come!

Bobbi LeAnn all I can say is WOW! Actually what I can say is as I was putting this on my blog I did so with tears rolling down my face!

This blog has inspired me in so many ways!! I hope to all of you who have read this amazing inspirational blog of Bobbi LeAnn’s life; you will be encouraged as well.

To learn more about Bobbi LeAnn and follow her dreams like and follow her at the following links.

@goodlifewesternsports – Instagram

@glwesternsports – Twitter

Good Life Western Sports – Podcast

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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Promotional Videos

If you would like to have a short promotional video to promote your business or ministry please contact me for pricing.

Here are three examples of some I have created. These were done free of charge for advertising for Dream Catcher as well so they do have a watermark logo. When purchasing a video ad package there will not be a company watermark from the app I use.

The video will be available for you to upload to your YouTube or any social media account. You can upload directly to your website if you have those capabilities. If you do not have the capabilities to upload to your website I will provide you with a YouTube link of your video if you do not have a YouTube of your own.

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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The Time Has Come

This is not an easy post I write. But after several months I’m having to face reality! I know people don’t understand because I don’t understand, how what appeared to be something so wonderful could be anything less than that. We never know what goes on behind closed doors of a person or their home. We have dark things sometimes hidden in our hearts and minds that has yet to be brought into the light of God to heal. So when you start seeing things exposed it can be really ugly. There are things that people will never see or know sometimes in a persons life and we have to figure them out by only what we see.

My marriage wasn’t as amazing as it appeared on social media or standing on a stage. Both of us brought baggage into the marriage with out even realizing it. That happens a lot in life. However our situation became unstable and not an environment to be in for either of us. I left and came to Oklahoma hoping and praying for deliverance, truth exposed in our hearts, healing and restoration.

After almost 6 months it’s come to light that there has been little if not any progress in our marriage or those areas.

When heat is put on a subject it will either expand or explode. I was praying that expansion of the heart and mind and room for hope and God would be found. Instead it’s just more exploding and hurt.

And so it’s with a very heavy heart that I tell y’all that the marriage is being dissolved.

I know there are people who have been hurt and disappointed with this and I’m so very sorry.

Don’t stop praying for either of us! We both have hearts for God, families that love us, friends that support each of us and futures to go into!

I can’t stop living even if it’s hard to breathe! Gods the one who holds the tears shed for the last many months and He will hold my hand as I walk the rest of my life out step by step!!

I won’t stop living, loving and dreaming!

Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations

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Reset Button, That is all it is!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation in your life that you felt like you were walking backwards, or had to start all over again?  Maybe you made progress in a job and got a demotion, or you had a huge savings account built to have to use it all, or maybe you lost your spouse through divorce or death.  When one or more of these situations happen in your life you sometimes have to start all over.

I have found myself in a Reset Button kind of situation, actually situations.

In electronics and technology, a reset button is a button that can reset a device. On video game consoles, the reset button restarts the game, losing the player’s unsaved progress. On personal computers, the reset button clears the memory and reboots the machine forcibly.



In 2010 I was living in Sapulpa OK in government housing and working two full time jobs to even pay for it.  I was wore out, discouraged, felt like a failure as a mom.  I had just started my ministry Mending Fences N Hearts and it was going strong, when I felt so overwhelmed and made a huge decision to move.  January 1st 2011 I moved to Purcell to stay with some friends and help on their ranch, work a job and try to pull my life together.  During this time my son was already living with his father, and had been since he was 9.  The kids dad and I had joint custody at this point in life, so my daughter decided at this point to move in with her dad as well.  My daughter felt she should finish her last two years of school with her brother.  So here is where life began to seem to move backwards, and sometimes spin in circles.

From 2011 to 2016 I lived with other people.  I was very blessed to stay in loving homes that were there for me and I could be there for them.  I helped on a horse ranch, stayed with a friend and drank coffee and laughed a lot, lived in a home where I learned to stretch myself and help with the ministry.  I then moved to another state all together.  I moved to Texas, on another ranch.  I helped with a ministry and was living the dream in Texas.  I was traveling in ministry and meeting people, making connections and life long friends.  However I was an entire state and half away from my kids.  My kids lived in the NE corner of Oklahoma and I lived almost in the middle of Texas.  I did a lot of traveling back and forth from Texas to see the kids and tried to make it every other weekend.

I had a great job while I was in Texas.  I had gotten myself out of debt and was doing great.  Then bam, first a wreck then shoulder surgery.  Well those bills begin to build and build.  I found another job, made a step to get my own place.  I upgraded even more from a little travel trailer to an apartment.  Oh and I also met myself a singing Cowboy for Jesus!  So during this time I was moving forward, new job, new home, money for bills, new man in my life and the ministry was going strong.

Well….first thing I lost my job, then my apartment, then a break up with my singing Cowboy.  As you can imagine I had one of those reset button moments.  At first I took up residency in a upper room in a church that was offered by some caring Pastors.  I spent a lot of time praying, crying and reading the word.  My temporary housing was running out and it was time for some decisions. First thing was my singing Cowboy and I we got back together and was going strong.  Then I had to pray about what next!  I moved back to the ranch with Mommajo and started my cleaning business back.  Now that was a for sure Reset button, because  I had not cleaned full time for myself since 2008.


So time was moving forward and things were going great.  I had ventured out into new levels of ministry and the singing Cowboy and I were closer than ever.  I had a place to call home and a business to build.  In January of 2015 my singing Cowboy asked me to be his wife.  Of course I said YES!!  Actually I said ummm yeah through tears lol.  So new journeys began.  We married in April of 2015.  We began to move around with jobs and continued on with ministry.

So lets fast forward through some details that are too much glory to the devil to share.  My work was not really able to stay steady and my bills were paid monthly because my singing Cowboy’s job was able to pay for us.  However it was very stressful with all our combined debt. There were circumstances in ministry that caused an added stress to our “dream marriage”, the normal part of getting to know each other, traveling with work and missing my children more and more.  Oh and added to all the above stress was watching my child grieve over the loss of two babies through miscarriage.


So I am fast forwarding through more details because all the junk is not important!  It is the way out of the junk that is most important!  So August 26th on a Sunday morning, I found myself in a very intimate place with God in worship.  I stood before him 5 months separated from my singing Cowboy, in financial ruins as far as credit goes, weight gained back that I had worked hard to lose and feeling like wow how did I get myself back in this mess.  Now in all this junk, God has been taking well care of me!  My business took off like wild fire here in Oklahoma.  Oh I forgot to mention that part.  I am now living in Oklahoma where my kids and family are.  I have a house that is filled with amazing things people have blessed me with.  I have family and friends that support me and love me and a granbaby on his way here in 3 months!!!


Okay back to my moment with God and my discussion with Jesus.  I have had to use some man made laws and tools to take care of the financial situation of debt from medical bills, and credit cards I lived on after my surgery.  I had to start over due to not working things out with our marriage at this point.  So when I said Jesus I am sorry that I got myself back into this mess and all that is happening.  These are the words I heard loud and clear ‘Your just hitting the reset button baby girl”!  Wow!!!  Talk about powerful, grace, love and compassion filled words from a loving God!


So here is where I stand today with the reset button!  My singing Cowboy and I have a date scheduled this weekend, I have an amazing home, a successful business, a ministry that is kicking back off strong for this fall, a strong wonderful family surrounding me, son and son in love who joined the Army National Guard to protect our country, a precious grandson on the way, and restoration in my mind and heart from years of wounds!  See God brought me back to my hometown in Welch OK.  I never thought I would ever be back here, and sure didn’t think I would love it and be loved by so many here.  Its silly that we think a place is the source of our pain and bitterness.  That place is actually in our minds…


Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.  Eph 4:23

So how do we reset the button!!  Do what you have to do and be spirit led when doing it.  Renew your minds in the word.  Worship the one who does the resetting!!!


Dream Catcher 3:20

Cassie Nations



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