Be Strong Be Brave!


Have you ever been so afraid to do something that you were shaking and sick at your stomach?  Maybe you were frozen in one place and had to be pushed forward?  Did you know that just as things are in the natural so they are in the spirit?  God is that friend, parent, coach etc.. that is there to give you that great big push forward. 



I have been single a long time and when I was in a previous marriage it was a disaster. Over the time and the past hurts I had a lot of fear built up in me. That fear affected my relationships and my purpose. I have been in a healing process for awhile now and over the last few years I have stepped out many times in many areas. I have always had my cheering squad and God telling me Be Strong Be Brave!  

I am way beyond excited about what I’ve seen God doing in my life. I have seen my ministry growing like wild fire, I’ve been doing things I never imagined such as radio dj and interviewing amazing artist. We can not forget this one I just got married to an amazing man of God (Wyatt Nations). All of these things could have not taken place if I had given into the shakes and the paralyzing fears. 

So I’m telling you today it’s time to put your big girl and big boy boots on and BE STRONG BE BRAVE! 


God Bless y’all 

Cassie Nations


Dream Catcher 3:20

Eph 3:20

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