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Some of you maybe thinking SAY WHAT? I grew up hearing this word in the Word and was told it meant PAUSE and meditate on this. So if I said you are beautiful, called and anointed SELAH! I would be … Continue reading

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Are you Asking?

Now if you take this gift of power He has given you and add the most powerful name ever spoken to it KABOOM, LOOK OUT!
John 14:13-14

“Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son Continue reading

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What kind of self talk do you use?

Today’s 31 day word challenge was TALK! So I want to discuss Self Talk! self–talk. noun. the act or practice of talking to oneself, either aloud or silently and mentallypositive self–talk. How do you talk to yourself? Do you say … Continue reading

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Oh I love the word for today’s challenge.  PRAISE praise prāz/ verb verb: praise; 3rd person present: praises; past tense: praised; past participle: praised; gerund or present participle: praising 1. express warm approval or admiration of. “we can’t praise Chris … Continue reading

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So I started a challenge today. It’s to write for 5 minutes. I was given the word door! door dôr/ noun a hinged, sliding, or revolving barrier at the entrance to a building, room, or vehicle, or in the framework … Continue reading

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Can you feel the season change?

NEWS FLASH!!! Fall is coming with or with out your cooperation. So you can go into fall in your bathing suits and sunglasses with no preparation for the changes OR… Continue reading

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Why I wear Purple

For Anchor or online listening For Apple Devices Dream Catcher 3:20 Cassie Gilman 💟💟💟

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One BLOCK at a time!

Wow it has been forever since I have published a blog! I woke up this morning and started looking over my journal, and decided to share a little with y’all. If you have been following my blogs or social media, … Continue reading

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Kickn It Java Style With Cassie and Guest Cori and Kelly Episode 25

I had so much fun with these ladies this weekend. Unfortunately we had some technical issues but we got through most of the interview. Please take some time to watch this video and check out their website below. OH and … Continue reading

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So today I got a couple of text, asking me about the challenges I talk about on the podcast show.  I was asked if I could explain in more detail what challenges I am doing. I am going to post … Continue reading

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