25 Days To Go! 

25 days to go!  You ask to go for what?  Well… Joining together two lives, two families, two ministries and two sets of friends together!  

For a man who asked me to become his wife to not only become my husband but to become a co parent to two grown kids. We all know you never stop being a parent. One day we will grandparent together. 

We will begin a journey of learning each other in an everyday situation. We will learn together to handle the pressures of finances and being tired from work, dealing with dirty dishes and what to watch on tv for the night. 

We will begin to learn what it truly means to become one. One with each other, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. It’s through this that we will handle all that life has ahead of us. 

I’m excited to see how our friendship with each other will grow and how the ministry will grow. 

There are a lot of things we could be stressing about and we have stressed about. We try to keep giving it all back over to God.  We have had to make decisions about what kind of housing we are going to live in. Now we are down to the wire but we have made a decision. As of today lol we are looking for a large travel trailer. Wyatt is a welder and soon to be a inspector. His job is one he has to go where the work is. So what makes most since is a house on wheels. We sold his small trailer and this week the focus is get it ready to go. 

When you start realizing you have lots to do and you are pretty much tied up 7 days a week with work and ministry lol well you have a choice to freak out or take deep breaths and say I can only do what I can today. God show us what to do today. 

There are those things that absolutely have to be done and with God we will get them done when needed. 


We have both talked about trying to lose weight before the big day and well we haven’t quite succeeded at that. When you don’t really have a kitchen to cook in and eat out a lot it’s easy to let that slip up and by you. The good news is we love each other just the way we are. The other good news is we get to make healthier choices together. We both know that we don’t want to be legalistic but healthy so we can do all we are called to do for Christ. 
Today I went and looked for my wedding band because we realized time was running out. I picked out a couple of choices. One was a very simple band and the other was more fancy and expensive. I started not to even show him the nicer one because he already went all out on the engagement ring. For so many years I have had to live a certain lifestyle and Wyatt has to remind me he wants the best for me.  I would imagine God try’s to tell us the same thing on a daily basis. Do we listen?


So what is next? 

Shopping for our new home, finalizing our wedding day details, finalizing our honeymoon plans. Then we will come back and Wyatt will go to school and get his new training. After that we don’t know the next step. We know that God does though. 
Please continue to pray for us as we go through these next few days. 

Cassie G 

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