About Dream Catcher 3:20


I am a mom of two amazing children and one amazing son in luv, and daughter in luv!  A grandmother to one absolutely amazing grandson named Caleb and granddaughter named Aurora.

I grew up in North East OK. I moved to the great State of Texas in 2013. (One of my dreams fulfilled) I lived there for 4 years. Through life’s circumstances and a dream thief (major life event), I came back to my hometown of Welch Oklahoma.

Growing up, I was always dreaming wild dreams. I sometimes felt I was out there on my own with my dreams. At different times in my life God would send someone along to speak life into those dreams. He found ways to encourage me, and to not give up.

I am still dreaming WILD DREAMS!!

My prayer today is to be the one He uses to encourage you.

I have always had a love for Cowboy Church, The Rodeo Lifestyle, and Christian Country Music. I am so blessed to get to live my dreams out in this area. I began a Cowboy ministry called Mending Fences n Hearts in 2010.

About four years ago I met Christian Country Artist, Carol Hogner.  Meeting Carol was a divine God connection. I now travel and work alongside her with Joshua Cowboy Ministries as well as her music. Through this connection many doors have opened and I have seen so many dreams become reality.

Carol once told me “Thank you for catching my dream and running with me”. Because of this statement and doing Social Media Networking and some PR for someone’s dream, I decided to start my own Social Media business. After doing social media promotions I realized my dream was more than about promoting others. My wild dream was more about encouraging and coaching them to believe in their selves and Gods dreams for them.  My goal is to help individuals reach their  Wild Dreams and Goals!

I feel I can help people by my interviews of others who have achieved their dreams. I can share words of encouragement through my blog, podcast, and radio programs to help encourage as well.

Now a little more about me: lol

My favorite colors are deep reds, browns and turquoise!  I love western doctor and I have a new fascination with Pioneer Woman’s decor. I am probably the biggest Reba fan out there lol. Reba is a huge inspiration to me as well as her sister Susie. I love Mexican food and Italian food mmmmm mmmm.  I love the beach, lake, and fire pits…. Lots to learn about me, as I’m sure you will by each blog I write.

Dream Catcher 3:20
Cassie Gilman

Ephesians 3:20 God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!



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